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December 23, 2002, 02:47 PM

On or about Dec. 3rd I placed an order for six of the "famous firearms Mugs." with TAPCO and paid for them in advance of delivery with a credit card. I was anticipating using them as Christmas gifts. As I was concluding the placing of my order with the sales representative he asked me "Is there anything else we can get for you?" I stated there was one small item he could add to my order, and that was a small leather strip which has a button hole in it and a botton which would allow me to attach a sling to my
MAK-90. At this point the sales representative stated "I know we have them but I can't find them in our inventory or I can't find an order number for it. At this point I told him if he found it after we hung up the telephone he could include it in my Christmas order and bill my credit card.
I was trying to be patient, normal delivery from Atlanta to Portland, Oregon is 6 days but I figured I needed to be patient with them, as this is the Christmas season. Today Dec. 23rd I called TAPCO to inquire about my order. I was informed that they had just shipped the order and that I would receive delivery on Dec. 30th. I was told by the customer service rep.
that they did not have that leather strip in stock and they had held my Christmas order and had back ordered the leather strip and the back order never came in and that not notifying customers that their may be a problem with their orders was TAPCO's standard procedure.
So now TAPCO has my Christmas money in their bank and I had to call them to find out I do not have Christmas gifts to give to some of my friends.
Well Buddy and the other employees of TAPCO I certainly hope that the employees of the companies that you ordered Christmas gifts from for your friends from don't treat you, like you treated me!! Merry Christmas TAPCO.

Merle White :mad:

December 23, 2002, 04:19 PM
Cheer up buddy, it is Christmas.

Get a picture of the gifts, include the picture in the card, explain the story, and have a nice day. It is the thought that counts.

Still makes ya mad though.


(I thought you were going to tell us that your Christmas bonus was a pink slip. That's a slap in the face.)

December 23, 2002, 04:22 PM
ehenz is right.

Get a picture.

My wife did this a few years ago with a circular saw she bought me. I was just as happy even though I didn't get to play with it for a week or two.

December 23, 2002, 04:35 PM
You caused them to deviate from their normal procedures.

Never do that.... :D

4V50 Gary
December 23, 2002, 04:39 PM
Friends unconditionally forgive friends. That's what friendship is about.

If you don't believe me, the seat next to mine in purgatory isn't taken. ;)

December 23, 2002, 04:56 PM
You should know better than to ever do what you did with the order of the sling thing. It would be nice in an ideal world if these mail order people could do stuff like that, but I have yet to find anyone who wouldn't screw that up most of the time, lol. Heck, I would have been expecting that, probably should have called sooner since these were Christmas gifts..

December 23, 2002, 05:24 PM
I've had a similar problem with cheaperthandirt, I ordered a bunch of stuff and one of the items in that order was a pair of black BDU pants, after 2 weeks I didn't get my stuff so I called them and they said the pants were back ordered and they were waiting for them to come in so I just had them take the pants off of the order and ship everything else.

December 23, 2002, 06:56 PM
The Christmas slap has been turned into a gentle massage. When I got off the telephone with them on the morning of Dec. 23rd. The customer service
person (male) had not apologized or acted in any way that he cared about my disappointment, he did not even acknowledged that his company had not handled the order properly.
I am self employed and I have a photography company, I felt if a customer was unhappy with something as the owner of the company I would want to know about it. So I sent an e-mail to customer service and I copy/pasted that e-mail as a post here on TFL.
I immediately received a return e-mail from TAPCO and a nice lady by the name of Tara contacted me also by telephone and offered to correct the error that had been made with my order. Shortly after Miss Tara contacted me I was also contacted by a Mr. Barrit who also offered to make the order right. (I have included a copy of Miss. Tara's e-mail below)
As long as we deal with human beings, things will go wrong and some employee at some point will drop the ball. But as long as companies like TAPCO have employee's like Miss. Tara and Mr. Barrit working to correct those errors, then those companies will continue to keep people like me as customers and spreading the good word about TAPCO'S good customer service and what more can a customer expect Thank You TAPCO and this time MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Merle White

Mr. White,

Thank you for your recent order. I apologize for the error. I would like the opportunity to make this right. Please contact me before 5:30 EST if possible to discuss shipping a replacement. Again, I apologize & I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Happy Holidays!
Tara McElroy
Customer Service

December 23, 2002, 07:10 PM
Well, the flip side of this is when you order a bunch of stuff and one item is backordered and they send you the rest of the stuff right away.

So then ... a few weeks later the backordered item arrives and the extra shipping for that one item is more than the item is worth.

Can't win.

December 23, 2002, 08:57 PM
Your right but at least in this case the items I needed will be here in time for Chriastmas to be given as gifts. I had been planning for 8-9 months to give this gift to a good friend. It's one of those friends that already has everything. He owns more guns than the armoror at Ft. Bragg has available to him.:)

December 23, 2002, 09:41 PM
Like they say, Feces Happens. Always always have a plan B for important stuff. The shipping ball gets dropped real regularly, almost predictible. Everyone knows that.(?) You been planning this for 8 or 9 months and didn't place the order until Dec 3rd? Better point that finger at yourself! LOL.:D

Your friends'll understand. Hey look at the bright side...

(I thought you were going to tell us that your Christmas bonus was a pink slip. That's a slap in the face.

At least you didn't get axed like I did. Scrooge nailed me and two other guys with the pink slip on Dec 10th so he wouldn't have to give us a bonus.:mad: Aw well, I didn't hire on for bonuses. Just wages. They can take me money, but cant take me spirit.;) Unemployment is rising in Colorado. Hope it don't last.

I start another job tomorrow praise the Lord. but being out of work for two weeks sure put a damper on Christmas. But I digress, I return you to your regularly scheduled topic... :D

Maybe they'll throw in a free mag or something for screwing up your order. And next year, order sooner.

December 23, 2002, 10:51 PM
Last year my Son waited till 2 days before Christmas to inform us that he sure hoped Santa would get his Letter that he had sent on his own. Informing Santa that he wanted one of those Lionell Train Alarm Clocks. My Wife was in panic mode.
Well ole Santa left him a Large Card and a Rain Check Certificate. Informing my Boy that he had recieved the Letter but was temporairily out of the Clocks but that UPS would deliver him one in the next few days.

My Boy took that Certificate to School and showed all the Kids, they all thought it was Cool. Even had a few Parents call stating that they loved the idea!

December 23, 2002, 11:39 PM
Sorry to hear about your troubles. I would like to share a similar story if I may.
A couple years ago, I drew an elk tag and decided to take my .444 Marlin. I have a pet load that uses a Speer 300 grain JSP bullet. I had what I thought was plenty of ammo loaded and went out a week or two before the hunt to check my zero. For some reason the rifle wouldn't hold a group. After further investigation I realized that the rather substantial recoil had damaged my rear peep sight. I replaced the rear sight with the factory sights and zeroed that. At that point I only had a few rounds of ammo left for the hunt. No problem, I still have a couple weeks, so I dialed up Midway USA and ordered 100 bullets. About a week later the package arrived and to my horror, instead of 100 .44 caliber bullets, I received 100 .45 bullets. Now with about a week left until I had to leave for the hunt I called Midway and ordered more bullets. I explained the situation to the person on the phone and told them that I would keep the other bullets, I can always use them, but please make sure that I get the .44 bullets ASAP. The lady on the phone knew I was in trouble and applogized but said nothing else. I was really worried. The next day I received one box of 50 bullets sent over night mail on Midway's dime. Several days later I recevied my full order UPS. The bullets were sent overnight at Midway's expense and were not subtacted from my order. No bill was forthcoming, they had sent me a free box of bullets. That is what I call great customer service. They saved my hunt. A couple years later there was a Midway bashing thread on this board because Midway began charging for actual shipping costs. I posted in defense of Midway and told the above story. Appearently Larry Potterfield cares enough about his customers that he read the thread and sent me a personal E-Mail thanking me for coming to their defense.

Of course I ended up firing two rounds on the hunt and the second shot was probably unnessessary, I just hate to see an animal struggle. But, you want to go prepared.

December 24, 2002, 03:59 PM
TAPCO came though with it's promise, about 30 minutes ago UPS delivered an overnight package with some of the Christmas gifts I had planned to give this year. For anybody that may be interested, these "Famous Firearms Mugs" are big and beautiful. The first thing I had to do was take the AK-47 mug I had ordered for myself and fill it with coffee and sit down and write this. I have learned something new already, one of the AK's pictured on the Mug is a South African R4, It looks much like an Israeli Galil. The R4 looks like something I would like to add to my gun closet, then I look at TAPCO's Assault Weapon Mug, I would like to build a new gun closet and place one of every gun pictured into my new closet.
Thank you TAPCO
:) :) :) :)