View Full Version : Weaver Rail on a Sten gun

December 21, 2002, 04:26 PM
I own a Taylor tube, Sten gun. And, I am considering the idea of mounting a Weaver rail on it so that I can have better sighting options, more than likely some type of red dot sight. At present the gun shoots way to the left and I can't correct this with the fixed factory sights. I realize that a crude submachine gun like the Sten was never intended to be a tackdriving target gun and I am not trying to make it one. But, having ANY gun that shoots with the sights is an asset and makes shooting it much more fun. Bullet hosing is fun also, but to me, the fun is limited by it's inaccuracy. I like to do stuff like practicing "El Presidentes" on silhouette targets, shooting plates, chasing jackrabbits etc. I would like to try some of the local machine gun matches. But none of this stuff works if you have to fire half a mag just to get on target. I would much prefer being able to hit with the first round and if I am going to fire half a mag, I want the half a mag to go on target.
Anybody got any ideas ? I never did anything like this before. I am sure there are weaver rails made to go on some kind of round receiver that would come very close to fitting.

guy sajer
December 21, 2002, 05:25 PM
Try a Weaver #62 . It should fit the rounded profile of your gun or come very close .