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December 21, 2002, 06:57 AM
I stripped all the cosmo and finish off a M44 stock, and can tell that the wood is blonde. However, there are many discolored/stained areas left: esp on the cheekrest and thumbrest.
I want to de-stain the whole thing so its a uniform light wood before I re-finish it.
But I also want to preserve the slight darkening in the depressions of the stampings on the wood- so I don't just want to dunk the thing in gasoline and forget it.
What is the best way to "bleach out" my stock- I will do it by hand to preserve the markings as above.
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December 21, 2002, 04:23 PM
This depends on what the "stains" are: actual stain, or old grease and gunk.

If it's actual wood stain, get some oxalic acid. This is a natural crystalline acid that is mixed with water, and is used to bleach leather and wood. This is available from some wood shops and most leather supply houses like Tandy Leather.

If it's grease, get some "whiting". This is calcium carbonate, a fine white flour-like powder. Mix the powder with a non-inflammable solvent to a pancake batter consistency. Apply a coat to the wood, and heat with a hot air gun. The grease will boil to the surface and be absorbed by the whiting. Brush off the powder, and reapply if necessary.
This process is much less risky than the usual liquid cleaners or oven cleaner often recommended.

Whiting can be bought from some hardware/wood shops, drug stores, or from Brownell's.
For a solvent, the best was Trichloroethane, but this is difficult to find due to the EPA. See what Brownell's now recommend.