View Full Version : Is Shooters choice MC#7 strong enough to remove copper? what do you think of it?

December 18, 2002, 02:12 PM
Hi, I used to use hoppes #9 intill I found out it was just a powder solvent(Istarted to use it when I was a kid) now I want to use a easy to get cleaner that does it all and shooters choice seems to be it. What do you think of it? does it get copper out alright? If I use it everytime I clean/shoot it should be ok? right?

john kilgore
December 19, 2002, 08:52 AM
I've used Shooter Choice for quite a few years now. I recently got some of their Copper Removal formula. It is working really well for what it is intended. If you're cleaning revolvers used with lead bullets, the original Shooters Choice is great. For my rifles, I use the Copper Remover in conjunction with the Remington Bore cleaner. It gives a real double whammy on bore fouling. I have seen a dramatic improvement in a couple of my guns since I started using this combination.
One is a custom 98 Mauser in .257 Roberts. I got the gun real wet in a down pour in the 1992 deer season. I cleaned the gun really well, even taking it out of the stock. I put it up in my attic for 2 weeks while I went on an out of state vacation the next summer. Come deer season, I didn't clean the gun before shooting it to check zero- instant pitting !!! The accuracy of the rifle dropped off noticealby over the next several years. I was about to scrap the barrel, but noticed a lot of copper in the muzzle. After scrubbing several times over a couple of weeks, I took it out and shot it; accuracy was equal or better than before the rusting !!! Only problem is that after 20-25 shots, the fouling comes back- but no problem, it's a "mountain rifle" feather weight, and that amounts to about a years worth of shooting. So after every range session and successful deer hunt, it gets the Shooters Choice treatment. Forutunately, this rifle shoots the first "cold and clean" shot to same POI as fouled.

December 19, 2002, 02:12 PM
Hoppe's #9 actually has a little ammonia in it, but hardly any compared to the copper-removing specialty products.

My new favorite for copper is Blue Wonder, you can get it at Brownell's. I used to use Shooters' Choice copper remover.

December 20, 2002, 10:20 PM
Sweet's 7.62 is the BEST copper solvent I have ever tried, it is really good.

February 19, 2017, 03:16 PM
I bought a 300 blackout completed upper from Radical Firearms about a year ago and started cleaning the Melonite barrel. I used the MC#7 for just one time making about 6 or 7 strokes through the barrel with a cleaning patch. When I pulled the patch out, the MC#7 took quite a bit of the Melonite out of my barrel. I was wondering had anyone else had this happen to them. I stopped using the MC#7 on a barrel with Melonite in it. I don't think it should take that much out of the barrel like it did on mine....