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Kelly McWethy
December 17, 2002, 06:04 PM
In 2000, I sent in a Browning Hi-Power for a full house custom job to Wickmann Gun Works in Athens, OH. The job took a little longer than I had been told and the gunsmith in question was sometimes tough to get a hold of; but had a good reputation for Hi-Powers so I put up with it.

One of the things I added was a KKM Match Barrel for the Hi-Power. This was fitted and installed by Wickmann's who recommended and sold the barrel.

In April 2002, the barrel broke at the lug during the course of routine use (7,000 rounds since new). Since Wickmann Gun Works offers a lifetime warranty and since they were the only ones to ever work on the gun, I contacted them about a replacement. First I tried email, then I tried answering machine; but neither of these were returned.

Finally I got a hold of Kurt, he informed me to send the barrel back and he would take a look at it. After taking a look at it, he expressed the opinion that it was a design problem with the KKM barrel. He indicated KKM would redesign the barrel and he would replace it with the new barrel. By now, it was early June 2002.

August 2002 - Tried to contact Kurt in July but no calls or emails returned on the progress of the barrel redesign. Still no contact in August. Finally call KKM myself. KKM admits they are redesigning the barrel and that it won't be ready until December. Kevin at KKM implies that Kurt Wickmann is the problem and not the barrel. Kevin agrees he will work with me directly on the barrel replacement if I decide not to use Wickmann's.

I am already tired of trying to get Kurt to answer me and would rather not send an expensive gun to someone who can't be bothered to return an email or phone call. I email Kurt telling him that I don't want him to do the warranty work and ask him to please return the broken barrel or the new KKM replacement barrel to me.

September 2002 - still no barrel, so I call and finally get a hold of Kurt. He acts as though he never heard of the email. Says he can't return the barrel immediately because he sent it to KKM. Says he will have to get with KKM to get the barrel

October - November 2002 - No barrel, Wickmann Gun Works not answering phone or email messages.

December 2002 - Contact KKM hoping they can send the barrel directly to me. Kevin at KKM blames Wickmann and says they will not deal with me direct. They say that Wickmann will no longer be sold KKM barrels and that I will have to go to Wickmann to get resolution. Call Wickmann, leave another message, no response as of yet. Problem has now been unresolved longer than it took to built the pistol originally.

Right now, I am disappointed with both companies. Regardless of how this turns out, I cannot recommend either KKM or Wickmann Gun Works. I've made my last call to Wickmann's. I'll just eat the $225 and consider it a lesson learned on where to spend my dollars. If I somehow end up with a barrel, I'll edit this message to reflect that; but right now I hope potential customers can learn this lesson without losing their own $225.

December 17, 2002, 07:22 PM
Man, I am so sorry to hear about this. Kurt Wickmann has a sterling reputation, and in all my dealings with him was great.

I do know that he has been battling some health issues. Maybe that's contributing to the problem.

Good luck to you on resolving the issue.