View Full Version : Authinticity of .32 Hand Ejector of 1896

December 14, 2002, 01:29 AM
Found a ratty one.
Dimensions, lockwork and cylinder markings appear correct but I have doubts that it is truly a Smith & Wesson product. Maby a Spanish knockoff from that era.

Things that bother me about it are...
Wooden grips.
No numbers or markings on frame except proper range serial number (176xx) on base of grip frame. No logo on right side, no assy number on frame.

All letters on cylinder are back slanted slightly.
The & in Smith & Wesson is leaning to the right about 60 degrees.
All the numeral 7s have noticible spurs sticking up from the top right.

Input ?



Mike Irwin
December 14, 2002, 01:53 AM

You didn't tell me about the little spurs on the 7s, Sam!

I'm looking at the serial number on a Japanese Contract No. 3, which has two 7s, and both have spurs.

It looks like the ampersand may also be correct, but the backslanted letters? That's an odd one.

What really gets me is the lack of the logo. That troubles me.

Does it have the double screw over the trigger on the side of the bottom strap?

I don't know, Sam. The 7s are a detail likely not to be duplicated by a knockoff.

I also just found a relatively clear photo of the markings on the cylinder. The letters have a distinct leftward slant.

I'm beginning to think, though, that the bulk of items that ARE correct for an 1896 may make this an S&W product.

Any way you cut it, though, I think the price is still WAY too much for a 50% model.

December 14, 2002, 02:33 AM
Thanks Mike...
Will see if I can check the screw situation tomorrow.
Good news on the backslant, thanx.
Didn't think bout the spurs till was lookin at notes this evening.

Nuther possibility that occured to me....could be correct cylinder and crane in a knockoff frame.

No argument at all re the askin price WAY too high.

I think decimal is in the wrong place.

Thankee Mike.


Mike Irwin
December 14, 2002, 02:45 AM
I'd LOVE to see some pictures, Sam...

Any hope?

Any at all?

December 14, 2002, 10:14 PM
No screws at all on leftside...
What appears to be end of hammer pivot pin and...
approx .085 hole bout 1/2" behind bottom rear of cyl window.

Right side....with grips on...
Crane retention screw. Does NOT go through sideplate.
Sideplate retention screw straddling the joint just back of trigger guard.
Sideplate retention screw high ( bout where I frame high screw is).

No double screws or screw lock screws.

Only three screws showing on right side with grips on.

Will see if can take a rack of photofloods and camera tomorrow and try for pics.

Sam.....I don't do well with guns older than I. :D

Mike Irwin
December 14, 2002, 10:45 PM
Damn I wish I had a scanner!


I'm going to try a little something with paintshop or something like that and see if I can give you an indication of where the different screws should be.

There should be FOUR screws on the right side of an 1896.

Give me about an hour and I'll attach it here as a .pdf.

Mike Irwin
December 14, 2002, 11:23 PM

Here are the screw locations, noted in red.

December 15, 2002, 04:15 PM
Thanks Mike.
This thing not even close.
Appreciate the effort.


Mike Irwin
December 15, 2002, 06:35 PM
See if the guy who has it will snap a couple of electronic pix for you, Sam, or see if you have a friend who has a digicam.

I'd LOVE to see what this thing is, but with the screw pattern being wrong, it sounds ALMOST like it's a Model of 1903, which restarted the serial numbering at 1 and went to 19,4something.

HOWEVER, the Model of 1903 had the thumb latch cylinder release and a lug on the barrel.

And, Most damning of all, the Model of 1903 had the cylinder stop in what we think of as the normal location, coming up from the bottom strap.

I'm beginning to think that this is either a unique gun, or one HELL of a copy.

December 15, 2002, 07:40 PM
After seein your screw layout, blew off the picture plan for today.
Not even close.
Have 1903s, not close there either.