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December 11, 2002, 04:01 PM

I was expecting faxes to show some corrections on my SWAT layouts. I use the fax at my other workplace (with boss's permission). One of my co-workers walked up to the machine and I heard a gasp and "Oh, my God!" And she stood there and slowly studied the incoming faxes with horror. She dropped them into the fax bin like they were dead bugs.

Gee, I guess my faxes came in. :D

Yep, there they were, with big scary gun pics and all.

(Don't worry, there won't be any "complaints filed" or anything like that; my boss had fun looking at SWAT's color proofs and saying, "Hey, that looks cool.")

Rich Lucibella
December 11, 2002, 09:12 PM
I think like your boss. Kindly ask him if he'll accept a comp sub of SWAT (delivered to the workplace, of course!)

One for the co-worker, too, if she is interested. Think she'd make a cover model? :cool:

December 11, 2002, 11:52 PM
I think like your boss.

No, you DON'T think like my (other) boss! I hope... I mean, you have been following my old threads about him, right? Shoving an employee against a wall, walking right on up to a guy who said he was going to use a shotgun on him, and has 3 (now 4) nutty, uncontrollable children while being the publisher of a parenting magazine? Do you walk about with your zipper down and shoes untied? :eek: :D

(delivered to the workplace, of course!)

Well, considering I get Cheaper Than Dirt catalogs and everything else mailed to the office, one more won't matter. :D

(Received a rather heavy small package from UPS one day and the co-worker who read the label said, "What's in there? Staples?" On the box was clearly marked "small arms ordnance" or equivalent.)

December 12, 2002, 03:56 PM
I was just talking about you to my lovely wife this morning (you know, about how cool you are and how all the guys here go ga-ga over you. I might, too, but my wife is armed...and has a PR-24...and handcuffs...). So I thought I'd say hi before I start talking...

(btw, I think Rich meant to write "I think I like your boss.")

At my last place of work (mag publishing), people would leave magazines in the break room. So I was always happy to leave my "pre-read" copies of gun magazines for the other employees. And even though I obscured the address, people *somehow* always knew who'd left them.

The week before I quit, I rec'd a big shipment of ammo from Cheaper Than Dirt. I made sure to talk to the mail room staff beforehand, in case they were worried about my imminent departure. "We planned to take the day off," they said. :)

Just yesterday, I accidentally left a copy of America's First Freedom in the restroom. (I say "accidentally" because my name and address were still on it. Well, there's nothing in the employee manual about weapons.) I hope someone enjoys it.

And Rich: I e-mailed a request for guidelines to what must have been the old S.W.A.T. e-mail address, as I never heard back. I'll try again from the new site.

(Why, yes--I am a published writer. Don't you read Asian Cult Cinema?) :D

Denny Hansen
December 12, 2002, 06:03 PM
Send your request for author guidlines to:
[email protected]

December 12, 2002, 09:08 PM

The last time I had ammunition delivered to my workplace, my co-workers borrowed half of it before I got there.


December 14, 2002, 03:37 PM
LOL!! I am buddies with the UPS driver(s) around here...they call me "Bulletman" at the local UPS center. They know I order ammo from a couple of catalogs...AND, they leave 'em on my porch if I'm not here to sign for them. I live in a Mobile Home Park(please, no howls)and some of the "non-gun" neighbors get nervous 'cause some boxes are clearly marked with the caliber in large black letters....9mm, .38 Special, etc.

I am sensitive to their fears that I may "Go Postal", but, hey, I didn't decide to label the boxes with the caliber:cool:

I like the idea of leaving the gun mag in the restroom: should cut down on any possible harassment!

From Sunny Socialist Kalifornicate

December 14, 2002, 05:27 PM
Just don't leave the Blue Press in the bathroom, or people might accuse you of having a negligent discharge after staring at the cover model. How embarassing.

December 15, 2002, 03:37 AM
Well mom says it my fault. See I have a nephew that just turned 7 a few weeks ago. Mom needed a box to send some stuff back home with them and I produce an empty Ammo cardboard box that a case of 45 ACP came in. Little feller been watching some old cowboy movies and likes the six shooter's. So I sent some gun mags along and show him the six shooter's. So guess who takes his mom into a store to buy him a toy six shooter, belt and holster(with B-day $ from a certain uncle)--with a picture of what he wants from a gun magazine ;)

I'm told the saleslady darn near had an attack, Sis got embarrassed, and the nephew really really wanted one like the picture. I'm the uncle they warn you about , he he.

Little feller gets upset he can't take to school, always wearin' around the house, and his mom has to do a body search before going to church...anywhere in public...:D

His stuff is in the ammo box, pics of six shooters on the wall, now he wants a lever action 'pop gun'...

December 21, 2004, 05:55 PM
my present day job is security and LP at a very large church with an inner city ministry. A lot different from police work, but to a great end. We save souls while not letting them kill us-- just kidding-- but not much- have the usual fights, etc, you would expect when having rival gangs on same basketball court, etc, and of course I am not armed on this job-- it is great. we are realy making a difference in these kids lives.

Also, have the traditional church on other side of the street and teh old guys roll up their sleeves and help

One of my best friends at work has written several acclaimed books on raising teen age girls. Of course, an assett is that I am an ex cop and wehn they found out I am a writer I cannot express the support they have given me. When my second book came out, everyone wanted a copy--
but only if they could buy it1 They feel that buying the book is real support.

These folks are a ok each and every one of over 50 staff and ministers that work here- we have another published author in the counseling/youth field I dont know very well. The pay is not great as you may expect and I actually said I would try it a week. its been a year and I would work another job to stay here!!!!!

So, that is my work enviroment. And when it's late and I am watching over the tv gear, etc, I work on my books and articles with the express support of my boss and ministers. It doesn't get much better---
not to mention making a hole in the gangs. Of course, when one gets saved the other hate him but they have to deal with that---

have a good night.

December 21, 2004, 05:57 PM

I left this poem on the porch for my ups man

My brown santa,
You bring me gifts,
I am so sorry,
they herniate your disks

gordo b.
December 23, 2004, 12:58 AM
"? Do you walk about with your zipper down and shoes untied? "
I only do this during Lewis Awerbuck shooting courses! :D

December 30, 2004, 08:06 PM
meh. my big dumb boss also hates that i used the work mailing address for my sub to SWAT. he rushes the magazine back to my desk so no one else will see it, like its a nudie mag or something.

the funny thing is that he claims to not be 'threatened' or 'intimidated' by it, though i know for a fact he voiced his 'concern' about it, and was told by my supervisor 'its just a magazine. nothing else. dont be a weenie', well, paraphrased somewhat like that anyways.

been considering a sub to SOF delivered here as well. :D

Rich Lucibella
December 30, 2004, 09:03 PM
Highly recommended by this humble subscriber. Col. Bob Brown is simply a Class Act.

December 30, 2004, 10:04 PM
yeah, i got to meet the Col and his wife and brother when they came up to AK for a vacation. the Col and his brother would be a great pair to take out for drinks sometime.

January 3, 2005, 12:33 PM
Is it just me or did the quality of SOF go down once Peter J. Kokalis left???

January 4, 2005, 01:24 AM
true but the quality of Small Arms Review went up when he arrived at new post