View Full Version : 1892 rifle modifications question

December 11, 2002, 08:16 AM
This may seem like a strange question, but, Can a Rossi/Puma .45 Colt rifle be modified to shoot .45 AR ammunition? The case head is significantly thicker than .45 Colt, so the either the chamber or the bolt (slide? what's the right term) would need to be modified to accomodate the larger rim. The extracto would also need to be modified. The biggest question, however, is will the rifle feed the shorter round correctly?
My local gunsmith, who knows a great deal about many things, said that he had never tried it or thought about it. He also said that there was no real way to know until you tried it. Which could get very expensive.

If nothing else, could someone recommend a really good lever action rifle mechanic who might be willing to do the work well?


Bill Mitchell
December 11, 2002, 08:23 AM
Rosii 92s are notorious about cartridge length problems. Just going to a shorter case will cause misfeeds and lockups, especially with the feeding of ammo from the mag tube.

That said, the amount of work your considering would probably be more than the gun is worth ($300). Wild West Guns in Alaska does work like this, but mainly to Marlin rifles.

Jim Watson
December 11, 2002, 03:46 PM
Go to the SASS Wire and the gunsmith links at
and read up and ask around.
There are shops setting up rifles for .45 S&W (Schofield), maybe they could make one run with .45AR.
IF the bigger rim would go in the magazine tube (Big IF, have you tried?), they ought to have a chance at handling the length and rim thickness.
Once upon a time Ed Harris had a Marlin converted to .45 ACP. But Marlin had already made rimless extractors for the .35 Remington.