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December 7, 2002, 12:21 PM
Hello, I am a new member on this forum. I have been looking for information on an old SxS shotgun I have. Mr. Nolden has explained to me that it is a hardware shotgun, probably from the mid to late 1800s and of moderate to high quality when it was made. He also suggested I might be able to obtain more information here.

It is an external hammer model with what I have been told are twist steel barrels. The stock has very nicely figured wood and the checkering on the forend seems to be of good quality. The sideplates on the action are in the white and the only markings (found on the side plates) are "Boston Arms Company" and "Belgium."

I collect WW I and WW II era military rifles but I know exactly nothing about old shotguns, beyond what Mr. Nolden has taught me in the last 24 hours. I see old side by sides regularly in pawn shops though. Is there a good reference book on this subject?

I am going to try to attach some jpegs of the shotgun. I appreciate any information that anyone could provide. Thank you. -Tim

December 7, 2002, 01:10 PM

Hopefully this works this time.

Harley Nolden
December 9, 2002, 05:27 AM
A good reference book is:

Side By Sides of the World 2yk by Charles Carder.

Got mine from Ebay on the net.