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December 6, 2002, 11:39 PM
by the patent dates - 1901 & 1906 and the finish (Blued) and the grips (factory checked) and the frame (hand ejector ) and the 6.5"barrel length, I'm pretty sure it was preWWI production. But this big revolver is barrel marked '.455' but is chamberd for the .45Long Colt. It has a lanyard ring/swivel on the butt and is marked with a Canadian government mark ('C' around a BroadArrow) on the back of the frame and a small crown and the numeril 30 stamped on the butt. the serial # on the bottom of the butt is 5 digit begining with a 6 and additionally there is a 6 digit number stamped on the butt of the walnut grip.
My best guess is this was a private purchase used by a member of the Canadian Armed forces... judging from it's condition, I'd guess it never saw combat = lots of holster wear though.
I like it for it's shooting qualities - a DA .45Colt is just not seen a lot.:D

Mike Irwin
December 7, 2002, 12:54 AM
You've got a Canadian .455 Mark II Hand Ejector, Second Model.

These were provided mainly to the British govenment, with about 14,500 going to the Canadians, between 1915-17.

Without seeing the full set of proof markings I don't think I can tell fully whether it went to Britain first and then to Canada, or went to Canada, but I'd guess the second.

Conversion to .45 Long Colt was a VERY common conversion.

Given that yours has a 5-digit number starting with 6, it's likely it was made in 1917.

Good, solid, N-frames, and pretty much identical to the Model of 1917 Smith & Wesson in all except caliber.

Johnny Guest
December 8, 2002, 02:41 PM
Indeed, Mike.

I understudied a gunsmith in Fort Worth for a while. He showed me how to rechamber both the S&W and Colt New Service .455 revolvers to .45 Colt. They shot surprisingly well, too, so long as one used the winchester .45 Colt ammo with the soft lead hollow based bullets. Accuracy with hard case bullets sized .452 was less good. The LRNFP hollow based bullets would slug out and take the rifling in the .455 barrel quite well.

Sure wish I had a couple of those old revolvers now, either in original .455 or converted.;)

Best, Johnny

Alex Johnson
December 8, 2002, 07:29 PM
Must be one of the few that escaped the 1 billion dollar registration system.

December 12, 2002, 10:09 PM
Shot groups tight enough that figuring out the holes punched by the solid lead round nosed slugs turned out to be a chore at times. = Ragged - hard to tell apart when close:rolleyes:
My first reloads are going to be behind a Kieth-style .454 flat base bullet from a box I'd had in the bottom of a drawer for a few years. Start out wint a nice conservetive dose of Unique and see what the groups tell us.;)
Fun Gun! = shoots very well considring it's age and size. Oh yea, forgot - like the 1917's, this model comes with a swivel lanyad ring:D Gotta try shooting a few DA strings:)