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December 3, 2002, 08:14 PM
Ti says made in Sweden on the right side of the slide above the trigger.

On the left side it says
husqvarna vapenfabriks a.b.
with the serial number under it D 14xxx

It is about 9in overall.

No toggle ID and no proof marks

Now for the prob (i can't beleve i did this)
I opened the action and can't close it

ther is no sidelock i took the mag out and put it back in and not a thing; HELP!!!
Any info would be great

Thanks for your HELP!!!

December 3, 2002, 10:16 PM
You don't have a Luger, you have a Swedish made Lahti M40 pistol.
These were desighned and made in Finland first as the L35, then in Sweden as the M40.
These are very rugged, heavy duty guns, designed for use in the Arctic.
The only "weakness" is that the gun can be fired with the locking block out, so check for it's presence before firing.

To close, remove the magazine, pull back on the "wings" of the breechblock, and release. Replace magazine.

To disassemble, pull breechblock back until it locks open. Remove magazine. Turn down dismount lever on left side above trigger. Pull back breechblock to free it from stop, and allow the barrel and slide assembly to move forward and off receiver.
Remove breechblock from slide. Turn breechblock over and slide lock down and out of slide.

To reassemble, insert lock up into slide with the Arrow on the lock pointing forward toward muzzle.
Put breechblock back into slide.
Slide the barrel and slide back onto the frame.
Insert magazine and pull breechblock back until it locks open.
Turn dismount lever up.
Remove magazine, pull slide back and release. Replace magazine.