View Full Version : Another Pyrodex pellet question.

December 2, 2002, 08:26 AM
I had a problem with Pyrodex pellets this year.

I'm shooting a TC Thunderhawk (Older inline) and bought the pellets last year. I have always poured my powder thought I'd try somthing diffrent.

This year I took a shot at a large buck He was 100yds and broadside. After an hour of searching my buddy and I found no trace of a hit. I felt this was wrong given the ammount of shooting I do and my careful sight-in.

A month later durring the shotgun season My buddy took the same buck An 8 point 220lbs. In his side just under the hide was my bullet. stopped by a rib.

Could it be that the Pyrodex pellets, degrade after a year or so?
Is there a shelf-life for them.

I was truly disapionted in their performance.

Jimmy Mac
December 2, 2002, 08:58 AM
Unlike blackpowder Pryodex does go bad with age.

Useally it is fine for a couple of years. In my experience if it is three years old it starts to give problems.

The problem is you have no idea how long it has been on the shelf before you bought it.

Blackpowder will last almost forever. Some of the best I ever shot came from an old lady whose husband passes away.

She said it was bought somewhere around 1940.