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Ought Six
November 30, 2002, 02:08 PM

New BOI policy: If it didn't happen here, it doesn't belong on the BOI.

Posted By: Tom Bowers <[email protected]>
Date: 11/29/02 16:13

Here's the one-line version for those with short attention spans:

Subguns.com users and advertisers are simply better served when we limit the use of our resources to subguns.com business and issues originating here.

Here's the long version for those willing to suffer through another of my boring diatribes:

I apologize for any inconvenience, but there are a lot of reasons for this;

Looking over the BOI you will see quite a few warnings about people who don't advertise here, posted by people who don't come here except to complain about something they claim happened.

This creates five obvious problems:

1. The person being complained about may not know about the complaint posted here and therefore may not be able to present his side of the story.

2. They don't tend to mention it happened on another site, so we end up looking like we have a lot of problems.

3. We're being used by all the gun sites as a dumping ground for their problems because most of them don't get involved when there's a problem

4. We can't do anything about something happening on another site except to try to mediate, but why the hell should we? I estimate I've put over thirty hours into the Gucciano case alone. Other Mods have put more in than I have, and this is all trash from other sites being brought here.

5. When we clean up lies brought here from other sites, we often have to invest time explaining "why" to our own regulars so they don't begin to question our integrity.

Screw that. There's not enough benefit to subguns.com to continue this course of action.
If you have a problem, take it up with the sysadmin on the site it happened. Let them clean up their own messes. If they don't care, that's what you get when for supporting a substandard site. Don't bring your trash to subguns.com and dump it on our doorstep, we're no longer accepting delivery.

There's a reason most other sites leave their users hanging when there are problems; it takes time, energy, money and staffing resources.

We've been looking out for our customers better and longer than anyone else, and we're not willing to divert our resources to issues from other sites. If you want to have the protection and integrity provided by the subguns.com umbrella, use subguns.com advertisers when you make your purchases. Those advertisers are the ones paying the bills, they deserve your support.

Subguns.com users and advertisers are simply better served when we limit the use of our resources to subguns.com business and issues originating here.
Probably the best (because it was the largest & most comprehensive) board for vetting dealers and gunsmiths now will be limited to only those who advertise on Subguns, so it will be near useless. I can understand their decision as the people providing the time & money, but a valuable resource for us gunowners is now pretty much gone. This sucks! :(

November 30, 2002, 02:33 PM
Gotta agree with Tom Bowers, why should he clean up others peoples messes? People with vendettas that go to every board in existence and spread "their" version of a deal gone bad should in reality take care of it through personal and/or legal channels.
If they were truly ripped off then I think that one or more of the various law enforcement entities in existence can deal with it effectively enough. Tom provides a great board and shouldn't have to spend his personal and/or business time to deal with this sort of garbage.

Whenever I do a deal here on TFL I post a feedback in this forum.
Never yet had a bad deal go down selling or buying. I did have one guy who made promises for weeks and had a million excuses for not following through on his promise to buy a knife but in the big scheme of life that's not a big problem.