View Full Version : Thompson Center Black Diamond XR

November 29, 2002, 09:20 PM
I'm looking for a new muzzleloader to increase the deer hunting options here in Western Iowa. I think I like the new T/C Black Diamond XR in .50 caliber. This is the one with the 26-inch barrel for more burn in the tube and extended range.

What are your opinions of these? I am not a traditionalist, so please don't try to set me right. I plan to mount a scope and use sabot bullets in front of Pyrodex pellets.

Natchez has the stainless barrel with composite stock for $291, the best price I can find. I'll buy one in the spring to be ready for next winter. Until then, I have access to a .54 caliber Lyman that belongs to my father-in-law.

Also, which scope is a good one? I have seen good prices on Tasco World Class 2 to 8x at Dunhams. This is because Tasco is belly up. I have a World Class 1.5 to 5x on my slug gun and it is a great scope.