View Full Version : My First Elk Hunt

November 24, 2002, 03:19 PM
Returned on the 15th from my first elk hunt in Colorado. What a great time. I hunted with 4 locals (3 ranchers) these guys and their wifes and kids were really great people. Sure could of stayed and not flown back east.

We hunted area 68 and camped right at the edge of an no vechicle area. Hunting using horses was different but what beauty in the mts. I had a bull tag but didn't see any one day I had 10 cows within 200 yds on ridge line. The last day found fresh elk droppings and large tracks on a ridge line and followed them down through the timber but then lost them when i came to a Park without snow. One of the guys hunted a couple days on another mtn range (across the valley) and they got a 5 pt. bull.

Maybe next year. Did see Mule deer, a Bobcat and lots of coyote tracks.

Well better go.