View Full Version : Deer Rises From The "Dead" To Attack Hunter!

November 22, 2002, 07:53 PM

Being charged by a dead deer was the last thing Mark Hoogerhyde expected to happen while hunting.

But the 8-point whitetail buck he shot Monday not only rose to its feet and charged, it threw the 200-plus pound Kent County Sheriff's deputy around like a sack of potatoes.


November 22, 2002, 09:38 PM
Funny story; glad he wasn't seriously hurt. I really liked the last line. I can see it now ... :D

November 24, 2002, 04:16 PM
That was a funny story. Glad the guy didn't get hurt. I bet he will never forget this lesson.

Leonard G. Allmon
November 28, 2002, 08:48 PM
Reminds me of a similar event that happened here in my neighborhood about 20 years ago. I was on my way to work driving slowly in the fog when I had to stop for taillights ahead. There were people gathered around the front of the stopped lead car, and I got out to see what it was, and apparently the car had hit and killed a large doe. I pulled around the stopped cars and went on to work and that night when I came home I went across the road from my house to the sawmill, sort of the neighborhood information center, and told Charlie, the old fellow who ran the mill and knew ALL that went on in the area, "Looks like we lost a deer this morning, Charlie," He replied, "I don't know about a deer, but we sure almost lost a Game and Fish Officer," What had happened was the G&F people came out to investigate the deer kill, and the Officer decided to clear the road by dragging the "dead" doe out of the way so traffic could get moving again, and as he straddled the deer and put his hands beneath its neck and started to drag, the deer exploded beneath him and took off down a bank and went under a barbed wire fence and left the G&F Officer tangled and lacerated in the fence. The Officer was on the "Sore Toe" list for a few days, and the deer apparently stayed healthy.:D

Art Eatman
November 28, 2002, 09:42 PM
Years ago when there were still ranches around New Braunfels, Texas, and there was room to hunt, some lady shot a pretty nice buck.

Being a law-abiding sort of person, she put her tag on it before starting to gut it out. The buck, having been knocked cuckoo by being hit on a horn, came to, jumped up, and ran.

After the deer she goes, yelling, "Stop! Stop!". To no avail, of course; Bucky doesn't like her any more. He jumps the fence into a neighboring pasture.

Two hunters see him coming, and Bang! down goes Bucky. They walk toward the deer to gut him out. Here comes Our Lady, still running and yelling.

"Leave that deer alone! That's my deer!
"Lady, I just shot the danged thing; that makes it mine. What makes you think it's yours?"
"'Cause it's got my tag on it!"

They look, and sure enough. Puzzled looks. Head scratching. Finally, the shooter looks at her and says, "Go ahead and take'im, lady. Anybody that can run that fast deserves a deer."

:), Art

November 29, 2002, 12:57 AM
The rule book also says that if this does happen and you do not need medical attention, don't tell anyone about the incident. Especially don't tell a reporter so everyone in town can laugh at you. :)