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November 16, 2002, 02:42 PM
I and my hunting/range buddy are hunting for whitetails on a small (20 acre) patch of land. I know that this land sounds extremely small, but it is a patch in the middle of nowhere and we have been feeding for a couple of months, so there are quite a few tracks of deer jumping fences to get to our feeders (several non-hunted ranches bordering us). This is my first season to deer hunt, so I went out several times to scout the area. I finally decided to take a stand overlooking a feeder at the far back of the property (thirty yards from an eight foot fence on one side, and a bison ranch about the same distance to my rear) that is very near a stream where there is evicence that the deer bed (at least temporarily). My buddy is set up as far away from me as possible, actually only ten yards off the road.

My buddy has taken a four-pointer and a spike. I haven't seen anything. But, the most curious thing is that at no time have any of us seen a single doe. The way I understand the states website, in my area there should be about 6-8 does per buck. Do we need to do anything to attract does?

I use fresh earth scent control which seems to blend well with the environment, but I have heard a snort from behind (downwind). Should I look at more aggresive scent control?

I have heard deer in the hardwoods near the creek, but they don't come out to be shot. Should I look at learning to call? Any other suggestions for bringing them out?

We have a tremendous number of bluejays (I counted fifteen at my feeder the other day) which are constantly fighting around the feeders. They make a tremendous racket are have fought off squirrels, rabits, and a goat. Should we try to deter these jays? if so, how? I am concerned that their racket is making the deer uncomfortable and keeping them in cover.

Finally, we get to our stands about an hour before sunrise, and stay until about 9:30 (three hours post sunrise) and then leave. Is that enough time?

My buddy grew up hunting Northwest Texas, where they wait for the snow and track them back to their beds, then jump them up and take the shot, so we are both new to attracting deer in to a shot.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Sorry for the length.


Art Eatman
November 16, 2002, 05:29 PM
Sounds like your basic system is okay. Possibly the wind is betraying you, but not your buddy. And possibly you're seeing tracks of night-time movement in your own area. His stand might be near a path which is more commonly used.

Generally, does will come to a clock-feeder about five minutes ahead of time, and come eat when it fires. Bucks will hang around in the brush, watching. When in rut, bucks aren't all that interested in food.

I've seen a little varmint-call sort of thing, supposedly sounding like a fawn in distress. Sparing use might call a doe in, but I haven't tried one.

If you get a cold, clear, still day, try rattling horns. Works best with two guys; one to rattle and the other to be ready to shoot. And, no telling from what direction a buck will come.

Good luck,