View Full Version : 3 Matches 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 10, 2002, 10:24 PM
At my local club www.brcv-gun.org (the coures of fire are list in the match results area) we had a 3 gun match 10am on 11-9, a IDPA style night shoot at 5pm on 11-9, and our monthly IDPA match at 1pm on 11-10. The 3 gun had four stages and was a blast. It was my first 3 gun match. The low light match had 6 stages. This was also my fist time shooting low or no light. I see why the need to practise shooting strong hand only. Most of the match I had a flash light in my left hand and the gun in my right. The third stage was a blind staget, it made me stop and think a bit. IDPA on Sunday was 6 stages, made good times for me and was down only a few points. Made for a great weekend.


PS. The club even had t-shirts made up for the low light match.