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November 10, 2002, 06:05 PM

November 12, 2002, 12:23 AM
How'd he rip you off.

November 12, 2002, 05:05 AM
what hes selling are not Factory Magazine, so i sent them back and he never sent me a refund this was back on 6-14-02 ...........

November 14, 2002, 12:25 AM
are not Mil. issue at all. More likely USA manufacture. I had purchased several from him to find that one wouldn't even fit in the mag well of one of my HP's. Took over two months to get a refund.....

November 15, 2002, 08:38 PM
Hello all,

I have followed a link to this forums website from http://www.a-human-right.com. Of course I wanted to see if there are any good deals available :-).

I have purchased 2 magazines for Browning Hi-Power from reddogxx on gunbroker.com in march of 2002. He did send me the crappy quality magazines with plastic followers (although he advertised them as metal followers). I have sent him an e-mail, below is the reply

"Hi Ilya - I am sorry to hear about the difficulty you had with the mags.
They may have been damaged in shipping or just bad mags from the get go. If
you return them I will send a refund or replacements with all metal
followers (Factory Browning 17 round) right out. Let me know. Please send
them to ... (address)

you -Paul"

And indeed - he quickly sent me 2 high-cap magazines with metal followers for the same price. They were marked KRD on the bottom (not Browning factory, as far as I know).

So overall, it was a pleasant transaction.

Best regards,


November 17, 2002, 12:07 AM
The guy is obviously a liar calling all this junk 'factory mags' and 'military contract', what a crock. Thanks for the warning, I had some of his Hi-Power mags on my favorites list on gunbroker.

November 26, 2002, 10:44 PM
I bought two CZ 75 15-round mags from Reddogxx and paid $22 each, including shipping. The mags are every bit as well built as the factory mag that came with my gun - in fact the springs are even stronger than on the factory mag - and both mags function flawlessly.

November 28, 2002, 03:29 AM
I bought 2 "canadian surplus" BHP mags from him. One of them wouldn't even fit in my gun, the other fit, but stuck out unevenly.

I complained, and he refunded my money. Others have had worse luck.


November 28, 2002, 09:00 AM
I bought two CZ 75 15-round mags from Reddogxx and paid $22 each, including shipping. The mags are every bit as well built as the factory mag that came with my gun - in fact the springs are even stronger than on the factory mag - and both mags function flawlessly. the thing is there NOT FRCTORY MAGS. BUT HE'S SELLING THEM AS.:mad: :mad: THE GUY IS A RIP OFF.:mad:

December 18, 2002, 06:31 AM
just completed an auction with him and sent off the MO yesterday. It was for a factory CZ mag. I noticed in the pic it had the floorplate like my factory. He had another auction with a different pic that he said were factory that clearly looked like USA mags. Hope mine turn out OK.

December 18, 2002, 01:45 PM
Please let us know how it goes. Also, feel free to point him to this thread and this one (http://pistolsmith.com/viewtopic.php?t=13946&sid=4981cfe3fc416703cde0c2cdc4ca8616) as well.

December 23, 2002, 12:31 PM
Hey guys,
I saw your postings about the hi-power magazines and thought I might lead you in the right direction. I purchased Five of the South African Military Contract magazines from CDNN investments, they are nickol plated, hold seventeen rounds and come with a speed loader for each one, for only $19.99 each. Each and every one of them fit and functioned flawlessly. The springs were tight and they fit very well. I tried them in a Browning Hi-Power and an Feg copy and they all fit just fine. Maybe I was extremely lucky but you guys may want to try one or two of these mags.
Good luck,

May 25, 2004, 11:16 PM
I bought a half dozen stainless Colt 45 mags from him.

They have the rampant colt on the floorplate, and look like Colt factory mags.

1 would fit into my Govt model. I've never had problems like that before. Would only insert about 1/2 way on 3, and almost all the way on others. None would insert and drop free.

I contacted him, returned all, and got replacements. Only 2 worked properly.

Had a buddy (licensed smith) look at them, he said they are not square, and are most likely knock-offs.

Reddoggxx said that he could not be sure that the second batch of mags were the ones he sent. So I canned them, and chalked up an expensive lesson.

May 26, 2004, 06:46 PM
i bought a complete drop in trigger kit by nowlin from this guy on ebay. when i got the kit it wasn't in nowlin packaging but in zip lock bags. i have my suspicion about the parts being nowlin also . i emailed him 3 times before he would answer and told me they are indeed nowlin parts just first generation parts. he offered a refund but i didnt accept. i paid $50 for hammer,sear,trigger, mainspring,sear spring and disconnector so i didnt get too screwed. at least he used glad zip locks...................he is a POS.

May 26, 2004, 07:11 PM
I bought two CZ 75 15-round mags from Reddogxx and paid $22 each, including shipping. The mags are every bit as well built as the factory mag that came with my gun - in fact the springs are even stronger than on the factory mag - and both mags function flawlessly.
I had the EXACT same experience with him recently. Prior to the transaction, he sent me an e-mail saying that although these mags weren't factory, they functioned perfectly in his personal CZ75. I took a chance and bought 2 for $44 shipped. I am pleased with mine. ;)

Cap Gun
June 2, 2004, 09:24 PM
Sold me two non-factory, totally craptastic mags for my .380 Llama IIIA. They didn't fit well and trying to use them has actually made my factory mag function poorly... The gun fails to completely go into battery about every third shot now...

Stay far away from this guys lousy merchandise.

June 3, 2004, 09:24 PM
Same guy, on ebay, sent me a Munschke (sp) thumb safety, which requires a special sear pin, claiming that it was a Wilson Combat safety. Either the guy is ignorant, or does not care. He did refund my money after he shipped me the same thing that I did not want as a replacement though.

June 3, 2004, 10:02 PM
yep he's totally false advertising his stuff. stay away....

June 5, 2004, 03:15 AM
I didn't know about this thread, or I would not have taken the risk. I purchased Hi caps from him for my p99 a year back. Got 4. I've used them exclusively for competitions for a year with out a single bobble. (I save my factory hi caps wear and tear).

As I remember the transaction, he was up front on them being converted mags (they still work in original gun). Emailed him, and he promised return if not satisfied. Took a chance and picked up 4 mags because I wanted them for a state IDPA match that was eminent.

Catbird, I know you have a p99 or two. I'd go back and look for more from him, but I'm waiting for the ban to sunset :D :D :D

June 5, 2004, 09:51 AM
Catbird, I know you have a p99 or two. I'd go back and look for more from him, but I'm waiting for the ban to sunset
Yes, I have one in each caliber. I already have 6, 16-round Walther magazines for my 9mm that I bought a couple of years ago from a different supplier. I did, as I recall, have to pay about $80 ea. plus shipping back then. Like you, I think I'll wait to see what happens with the AWB before I buy any more. :) (I would like to have some 12-rounders for my .40 cal. if I could find some at a good price.)

August 13, 2004, 02:30 AM
I have done business three times via e-bay and have had good experiences so far. This thread had now made me a bit skittish. :confused:

September 6, 2004, 04:47 PM
keep this dirtbag on the bump

September 7, 2004, 04:23 PM
He is a dirtbag. I ordered some new "Mec-Gar" Beretta 92FS preban mags from him a long time ago. I was cautious because of this and other bad reports on him. Verified it through email 3 times and he finally told me that it in fact says Mec-Gar on the side. Got them and they were unmarked p.o.s. mags. Thought I'd take a chance on him. I thought the price was too good to be true. Lesson learned.

I emailed him and he told me I should return them. Not worth it...I used them as trade fodder to somebody who just wanted them for range mags. I politely emailed him a piece of my mind and told him how disappointed I was and never got a response.

September 12, 2004, 02:24 AM
wow I had forgot about this thread.
The mags I purchesed were factory (as far as I could tell) I use them in IPSC and IDPA and haven't had problem one with them.

September 12, 2004, 10:46 AM
I lucked out and got a couple cz mags from him that worked, but they were non-factory and he called them factory....I didn't know how to identify a factory cz mag way back then......cz mags are easy to rip people off on since they basically are unmarked, until you find the little differences.......what is cool is the sunset of the ban is going to put all the mag ripoff artists out of business, although I am sure most will find a new scam :mad: .......tom

September 13, 2004, 01:36 PM
From what I have gathered over the past couple of years, most people are happy with his CZ mags, but many have been duped into believing that they are factory mags. I'm just glad that we don't have to put up with this b.s. anymore. At least for right now.

H&K Fan
September 21, 2004, 03:45 AM
Bought a set of wood grips for the Colt Government Model .45 from him and you would think that for the shipping/handling charge they would be shipped in a box. You would be wrong, arrived in a bubble envelope and fortunately for me were not broken. Most folks I have dealt with from Alaska have been honest, unfortunately this guy is not. Did notice one thing - every .45 part he sells will fit a Series 80 Colt. Thanks for the heads-up. Hopefully someone will direct the dork to this thread.

April 5, 2005, 10:22 AM
......BEWARE...... This same bird is on Ebay. He hosed me for 3 el cheapo knockoff mags advertised as Colt factory 45 mags. Even showed the mags laying on top of a Colt wrapper. Then got me for what was shown as a Wilson blued checkered mainspring housing. Again it was shown on a Wilson bag. It ended up being cheap "pot metal" of some sorts that I didn't even attempt to see if it fit. I wrote him off as being one of the 10% of assxxxx you see online that rip others off.

April 9, 2005, 10:51 AM
WOW I wish I would have found this thread before I bought some "beretta 92fs" mags from him in december. The two mags he sent me werent the same ones pictured on ebay( and of course didnt work) and when I sent them back for exchange he said that he never received them. I gave him the benefit of the doubt until I read this thread.
Ive been a reader of this forum for awhile but just signed up so I could also worn readers of this guy. Stay away from him.