View Full Version : Got my first Whitetail this morning, long

November 8, 2002, 10:09 AM
It was rather easy due to the overpopulation in my area.
I saw him cross my 1/4 mile drive way down as I made my way to my stand. The stand is in a hedgerow alongside one of our tree fields. I saw a doe and her fawn about 200 yards away in the adjoining field but decided to take my stand instead of stalking them
As soon as I climbed up and pulled up my rifle I noticed a doe bedded down in the trees. She was right in the midst of the trees that are most damaged by deer. I had a very clean frontal shot on her but was still puffin from the climb. By the time I settled in she decided she didn't think I was there for the view and split.
Five minutes later the fella I saw cross the drive wanders up, I'd imagine he was looking for the doe. He let me take my time and I ended up with a 3/4 broadside shot.
I thought I'd hit a little low since he was close, around 50-70 yards. When I shot I saw him fall, then stumble up. He ran away from me at a 45 degree angle. At first I thought I hit him badly since he took off, but then I noticed he was slowing. I lost visual on him in some 8' pines but he never came out the other side. I stayed in the stand for a minute to make sure he wasn't moving then followed his path.
There was bright red blood and lung bits where I hit him and for a few yards after. The trail was easy to see since the sun had just come up and the frost was intact. He was dead less than 40 yards from where I hit him. My shot went higher then I would have liked but it did the job. When I gutted him I found that the 150 grain nosler ballistic tip had entered the shoulder and exited the other side through the ribs. It created a 2" hole on the inside of the ribcage then went through both lungs and shredded the top of the heart. The lungs were completely destroyed. The exit on the other side of the ribs was a half inch or so. I couldn't find the bullet as it is probably 10" into the ground.
When I went back for my rifle I saw a larger buck that gave me every opportunity too drop him as well, another day.

particulars:He was a lowly 3 pointer, but rather heavy to drag out of the field alone. guessing 150#'s.Remington 700LTR 308, federal factory 150g nosler ballistic tips. I'm going to handload some of these since they are >$23 round here per box.

Also does everyone use camo? I was wearing my Carhartts, deer didn't seem care.

November 8, 2002, 10:41 AM
Nice deer. How big was the one for another day?

Good hunting.


November 8, 2002, 10:47 AM
Probably 4-6 pointer, around the same overall size but much thicker antlers.

Will Beararms
November 8, 2002, 01:55 PM
Camo is a byproduct of the wonderful economy the WWII generation left for us and by God's mercy. Yes even today, our economy is the world's envy.

Dark Clothes and maybe a dark plaid jacket will do you fine. I do wear camo but I believe wind is more important as well as being still and being elevated.

November 8, 2002, 09:28 PM
Congrats on the first buck! May he be the first of many. I wear camo during archery season only, and a blaze orange jacket and hat during gun season, even on private land. Too many careless folks out there for my liking. I want to stand out like a sore thumb if I'm beyond someone's target.

I often wear sunglasses and a camo face mask, though, even when wearing blaze orange. In that getup, I've had a doe walk up to within five yards trying to figure out what I was. Key seems to be not letting them see your eyes move. I'm a big fan of scent control as well.

November 11, 2002, 05:14 PM
I also bagged my first whitetail over the weekend. I went last year for the first time but didn't have any luck. This year it only took about 2 hours on opening day. Mine was nothing to really brag about but you better believe i'm proud of it. It was about a hundred pound three pointer. Dropped it instantly with my browning A-bolt .270 from about ninety yards.
I think i am definetly hooked.

Michael Goeing

November 13, 2002, 10:09 AM
Well done! Any pictures?

November 13, 2002, 01:26 PM
Congratulations! It's amazing how far they can run after a shot to the lungs and/or heart.

November 13, 2002, 05:25 PM
Sorry, no pictures. I'm looking to get a digital camera, may wait till after I get hitched.