View Full Version : Fantastic Service from Rimfire Sports & Custom

November 7, 2002, 04:50 PM
Just wanted to put a plug in for an outfit that has recently provided me with outstanding customer service. I ordered a couple of parts for my new 10/22 from these guys recently. (They had the best price, and free ground shipping.) After waiting a week for the package to arrive, I sent an e-mail back, asking what had happened. Rather than question me, Alan immediately sent out a second shipment and only asked that if I got both I return one. He even offered to pay the return shipping!

Just got the first shipment, and as it turns out, the whole thing was my fault! I gave them the wrong zip code....:eek:

When I get the second I am sending it back at my expense!

Service this good is rare, and I wanted to pass on my good experience. I will buy all of my rimfire parts and accessories here from now on!