View Full Version : Fulton Armory Feedback

Ben Swenson
November 7, 2002, 01:00 PM
I've had the pleasure of doing business with Fulton Armory twice in the past few weeks. Both times I ordered some smaller AR parts (lower receiver parts and a complete bolt carrier group plus some sundry extras) and both times I ordered online and in four (4) days, the parts were in my mailbox.
Granted, their stuff is a little more expensive but they're polite, very helpful and more than willing to answer questions. After being burned by Model 1 (a lower receiver kit was missing some parts and contained a broken pin - I contacted them and they said they'd UPS the parts to me. nothing so far), I'm willing to pay that premium to ensure I get quality service.

I plan on doing business with Fulton Armory in the future.