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J Scott
November 4, 2002, 09:16 PM
First of all, go to their website www.lagger-pro.com .

I simply can't express how impressed I am with Wayne and his organization. To say he is knowledgeable, professional and customer oriented is an understatement.

We spent nearly 30 minutes on the phone today going over my needs for some tactical nylon gear. Wayne didn't just simply take the order; he asked pointed questions about its' applications and my expectations of the equipment. One piece of equipment was not in stock so he called the manufacturer to check it's availability. To meet my deadline, he is having part of the order drop shipped from Blackhawk. Get this: he picked up the shipping charges.

WE are very fortunate to have a retailer like this. Give him a call and see for yourself.

BTW, I am not in any way related to Wayne or lagger-pro.com.
Today I simply became a customer


J Scott Evans

November 4, 2002, 10:23 PM
Have used Lagger-Pro twice and was very impressed both times. Good folks, pleasant to talk to on the phone, fast service. I have no reservations ordering from them again. S/F...Ken M

November 6, 2002, 12:30 AM
Have ordered from Wayne steadily since 1999. Never a problem with his service. Even comped me a free BH pouch for being a regular customer. :)


November 17, 2002, 06:29 AM
I would also like to compliment Wayne. Several years ago I met him when he was present at a 2-day handgun course I was taking from Walt Marshall (www.awt-co.com). If I can recall Wayne was there as an assistant instructor and also to show some of his wares during lunchbreaks. He had a nice selection of supplies with him, i.e., Benchmade knives, Surefire products, etc. One or two years later I took Walt's 2-day shotgun course. Prior to the course I contacted Wayne to purchase a Giles sling for my 870. Wayne has free shipping (I believe) on most or all of his products, but since I wasn't located very far from his shop he delivered it personally. Now this wasn't primarily to save the shipping fees. He attempted to instruct me on the phone how to install the sling but simply said that he would install it when he came to my house. He installed the sling, adjusted it to me and showed me some features or uses of the sling like the backpack carry, etc. This was in the evening, after his work hours. That's service with a capital S folks! Wayne "is good people" as they say. Please patronize his shop, we need to keep good people like this in business.