View Full Version : Blaser Rifle Questions?

January 29, 2000, 08:48 AM
I've been looking into the possibilities of picking up the Blaser in the synthentic stock for a upcoming sheep hunt in a 7MM Mag or a 300 Win Mag,but have a few questions & hope maybe someone can help me out.

I've check libary on past topics on the Blaser & have found that nobody has mentioned weight.Does anyone know how much the Blaser weighs?

Also there was mentioned that the synthenic stock was not of the highest quality.Does anyone know if there's a source for custom lightweight synthenics?

If I could get some feedback from anyone who's had a Blaser for awhile & what you think of them now that you've had them for awhile.How did they hold up & how well did they handle in the field?

I'd appreciate any input you can give before I go out & drop down some money on one.


Rob Pincus
January 29, 2000, 05:58 PM
I've had a wood stocked R-93 for about a year and it's awesome. I have .308 and 7mm RM barrels for it, both shoot very well and the scopes have never needed adjusting since they were sighted in. (several changouts and trips, auto & air). The trigger is great, and the gun is light, when compared to a standard Rem or Ruger rifle.

The old synthetic stock sucked.. it was hollow. This year at SHOT, they had a redesigned Synthetic Stock on the R-93. So that is good news.

January 29, 2000, 08:10 PM
I own two of the R93s. One wood stock and one synthetic. My opinion is that they are the best rifles made. Easy to take-down while still holding their zero when put back together. I don't have a scale handy but weight is probably around 8.5 pounds with scope. Due to the excellent stock design recoil is not a problem. I haven't had a problem with the synthetic stock on mine. Accuracy is excellent. Currently I have seven different barrels from 22-250 to 338. It really helps your shooting when you can use the same gun from prarie dogs to elk. The Blaser is light years ahead of anything else on the market. The only problem is that when you buy a Blaser you have the ultimate rifle and no longer get the pleasure of trying to decide what rifle should you buy next.

Siamese Mauser
January 30, 2000, 09:11 AM
Gents, Where can you get a new cal. (barrel) for a Blaser (r-93)? How much it costs for your new barrel? I would like to buy a new barrel (in 223 Rem., 22-250, 243 Win or 300 Win Mag.) for my R-93 long range (308 Win). How much a magnum bolt head cost? Thank you for all your help gentlemen, SM

March 15, 2000, 11:14 AM
I'm envious! M16, you own two R93's?

Where do you guys get all the money?
I saw a nice R93 with fully adjustable stock, fluted barrel, the works for $2350!

Of course I'll still need a scope!

I can't even afford one :)