View Full Version : Machine Guns in Massachusetts!!!

October 27, 2002, 04:21 PM

Who needs Knob Creek when you got Westfield.

The Westfield Sportsmans Club ( www.westfieldsportsmen.com ) held what may have been the first machine gun shoot in this part of the state. All sorts of fully automatic weapons were on display and available for guests to shoot.

I shot a Thompson M1A1 and an MP5 had had a blast. The Thompson was great, had almost no recoil. The MP5 was easy to keep on target (kept 3 round bursts on a five-gallon jug at 25-30 yards) but it could rock you back with longer bursts.

The pic below is of one part of the firing line. Hopefully Westfield will put more pics on their website (shown above).

October 27, 2002, 08:50 PM
Is this event every year!?!? I will mark my calender!

Ever been to the New Bedford Rod and Gun club "field day"? It occurs every year and they usually have 4-5 belt fed guns 20+ subguns/automatic rifles with silencers (the guy who does it is a manufacturer so he can have suppressors and post 86 guns) grenade launchers, and other destructive devices.

Last one was in september, got to shoot.

MP5, M 11, Thompson, M 60, Beretta SMG, Walther SMG, RPD, UZI, AK 47, M2 .50 caliber. and this is only a sampling of the guns there.

I must say you get to shoot at more interesting things. and this event looks bigger then the "field day"