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October 27, 2002, 02:47 PM
I have an old Model 31 12 Ga. and was wondering if anyone could point me to assembly/disassembly instructions for this model. I've contacted the Remington Co. and all they could send me was an exploded view of it. I have taken this apart and re-assembled it twice , but it seems accidental when the bolt and carrier finally got wiggled and turned and cussed at back into place. There is some procedure I am missing, if anyone can help it would be appreciated. Take care, Mikey.

November 2, 2002, 02:32 PM
Can't help you with finding the instructions, but I will congradulate you on owning the best pump Remington ever made. The action feels like it slides on ball bearings. I'm not sure why they abandoned the 31 in favor of the 870, but I'm guessing that construction costs had alot to do with it, because quality certainly didn't. 870s are fine, average in every way, 31s are pump shotgunning nirvana.

Dave McC
November 2, 2002, 03:17 PM
The nickname for the 31 back then was "The ball bearing corn shucker" for the smoothness of the action.

The downside was the action depended on expensive machined parts, just like the Model 12 did. The late Don Zutz was a great fan of the 31.

Someone down on Harley's Forum should be able to help you out with the disassembly...


Al Thompson
November 2, 2002, 05:18 PM
And away we go...