View Full Version : Pro Optic Spotting scopes?

October 27, 2002, 07:55 AM
I was reading a previous thread on the Pro -Optic spotting scopes and I was wondering how easy it was to see 223 shots in the black at 200 yards and how this scope has worked out for those who had bought it.



October 27, 2002, 09:47 AM
I haven't looked at 223 holes in the black at 200 yards, but, can see 30 caliber holes in orange and blue pretty good at that range....will be going on range duty at my gun club this coming week and will take it and see if anyone is shooting 223 and take a look...............

Steve Smith
October 27, 2002, 11:17 AM
FYI, .223 holes at 200 can be very difficult for a lot of scopes, including Kowa, Lecia, and Swarovski's in the $1K range. Most times we can see them, but if the light is really bad or the mirage kicks up, it'll shut us down.

BTW, I'm talking about looking for .223 hits in black, not another color. Other colors are MUCH easier.

October 27, 2002, 11:47 PM
Yeah, we only sell the orange and blue targets at our gun club...maybe someone will have black at 200 yards......

October 31, 2002, 10:08 PM
Thanks for the input

I would like to try some high powered rifle shooting this spring and this looks like one of the better places to start the learning process.