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February 25, 2000, 07:35 PM
What are the differences between the .375 Holland & Holland and the .458 Winchester Magnum in these areas:

(Both loaded with heaviest bullet available)
Downrange velocity retention
Downrange energy retention
Wind deflection
Killing power

(Both for maximum velocity at muzzle)
Downrange energy retention
Downrange velocity retention
Killing power

Thanks for any input you can give on the relationship between these two beautiful cartridges! I might add, I would be shooting out of a Ruger #1. Thanks!


February 26, 2000, 12:13 AM
Here is some ballistics info on the two calibers.
375 vs 458
(Heaviest Bullets)
375 H&H 300 grain Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer

Muzzle 100 200 300 400 500
2530 2160 1820 1520 1280 1100 (ft/s)
4265 3105 2210 1545 1085 810 (ft-lbs)
Wind Drift in inches for a 10 mph Cross wind
1.7 7.5 18.4 35.5 59.3 (inches)

458 Winchester 500 grain Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer
2090 1860 1650 1450 1300 1160 (ft/s)
4850 3850 3025 2370 1865 1505 (ft-lbs)
Wind Drift in inches for a 10 mph Cross wind
1.5 6.4 15.2 28.3 46.1 Inches
It is listed for Federal Ammunition and you can download ballistics charts from their home page. I have never shot either of them so am no expert on the subject but have heard they both kick REAL HARD. I don't know how they compare to each other with noise but I would bet they are both pretty darn loud as well. The literature I have read on them was from experiences of hunting guides in Africa. The .458 was very capable on large dangerous game, elephants, rhinos, caped Buffalo. The .375 would kill things also but in gereral not as quick and generaly took more shots to finish an animal if the first shot was poorly placed. The .458 has the advantage of much heavier bullets and therefore has greater momentum and therefore should penetrate better than the .375.

February 26, 2000, 12:25 PM

Ballistics are available from a number of the manufacturers.

I'll talk about noise, rcoil and killing power.

No gun in the upper calibers is quiet. These two without muzzle breaks..which I think should be "outlawed" are loud. With the breaks they are damn near dangerous. I don't think you should concern yourself with noise.

Recoil: I have and have shot both calibers. The 458 may not be the harder recoiling of the two. The 375 at"full house" loads will rock you if you are not holding the gun as we discussed earlier.

I actually equate both callibers as very close in recoil. Without equipment I don't think the shooter can tell th diffrence.

Killing power:
Well, if you want to go after dangerous big game internationally take your pick. There are solids available for both. Obviously the 458 is going to pack more punch. The 375, in my edxperience, is good but some outfitters won't let you shoot it at dangerous game. This may be good depending on the shooters ability.

I can't justify the 458 as anything but a dangerous game cartrdge. Don't get me wrong, they are a blast to shoot.

A friend hunted Alaska years ago and his guide during a Grizz hunt used a cut back Win mod 70 in 458 loaded with those huge soft points. Said he wanted to be sure he got the bears attention if he had to shoot.

A 375 with softs would have done just as well.

Bottom line....Both are heavy/dangerous game killers loaded as you asked. I would get a 375 if your are deciding. The overall use is better...my opinion.

Oh yes....the gun should of course be a single shot.

Single shot shooters shoot one time.


Gale McMillan
February 26, 2000, 01:42 PM
It may come as a surprise that neither rifle has a Hugh following in Africa. The 375 is considered a light rifle and is outlawed in some areas for buff. The 458 is not a well thought of round as the 460 is not . The guides who will back you up will not be using neither caliber in most cases. Here are not many caliber's as popular as the 416 family. Velocities are nearly the same as they drive the 416 slugs to best performing velocities not the highest velocity. I built Jeff Steer of Guns and Ammo a 416 Rigby for a hunt a few years ago. He took a Buff that had killed the tracker and the guide yelled that he was charging. Jeff couldn't' see through the brush and dropped down to his knees to see under the brush He got his first shot at 15 feet and took him through the brisket into the heart. When he quit sliding Jeff could touch him with the rifle barrel.. He said that was enough excitement to last him a life time. His Guide offered Jeff any hunt he wanted if he would leave the rifle here when he left. After it having just saved his life there wasn't enough gold in Africa to buy it

February 27, 2000, 10:39 PM
Considering I am not tripping to Africa, the 375 will suit me fine for now it seems. Thanks again!

Of course single shot!!