View Full Version : Southpaw Cheater Gun?

October 24, 2002, 10:59 PM
I tried searching this forum before posting, but apparently the search function is disabled, so please pardon if this question has been addressed recently....

Due to a bad right eye, I must shoot a rifle left handed. I've had problems finding an inline muzzleloader which I can easily shoot left handed. The positioning of the safety is my primary problem. I have looked at the websites for Knight, T/C, Remington, and Winchester, but it seems none of these manufacture lefty smokepoles. Is anyone aware of someone who mauf's left-handed muzzleloaders?

FWIW- I know knight once made the wolverine in a lefty version, but apparently the new Wolverine 209 is only available in right-hand.

Looking for an inline- nothing by CVA.


4V50 Gary
October 25, 2002, 09:25 AM
There are a lot of gunmakers who custom make left handed smokepoles. Jim Chambers, James Klein both offer left handed Virginia rifle kits (1770, just right for the Revolution). Haven't seen any Klein kits, but Chambers is very well fitted and is excellant for beginners.

Lyman Arms offers several commercial grade smokepoles and I have their Great Plains rifle in left hand (comes in both flint and percussion).