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October 24, 2002, 08:25 PM
Fired my first ever 45 Colt rounds today. Yeehaw! That was fun. I'm one of those USPSA/IPSC shooters thinking (and being "encouraged") about getting into Cowboy Action shooting. So, I recently purchased a slightly used Navy Arms US Artillery model SAA. I was shooting well until I tried "fanning" the gun......joke, HA! I shot a mere 20 rounds to get a feel, then ran by a local Cowboy-oriented gun shop to start pricing things. Even got to cycle a real Winchester 1873. Yeah, nothing new for you veteran Cowboys, but exciting for a rock-n-roll semi-auto speed shooter. This brings me to my solicitation of advise:

Recommendations on the "other things" I'll need besides one sixshooter? Don't say "Ruger" yet, because I already have one Colt clone. Let me learn about the sixguns the hard way......the broken springs in competition stuff.

What type of rifle?
What type of shotgun?Please make your recommendations based on a "tight" budget. I will not be giving up the speed shooting yet, so I have to split my total shooting allowance between the two.

Jim Watson
October 24, 2002, 10:02 PM
CAS is a **four** gun match unless your club has a Traditional Cowboy Division. You need two sixguns, a lever action in a pistol caliber - it doesn't HAVE to be the same as your sixguns, but it is convenient on ammo - and a shotgun; either double barrel (hammer or hammerless but no ejectors) or hammer pump.

CAS folks are very helpful. Go ahead and go to a shoot even if you don't have all four guns; there will be plenty of nice ones offered to you for the borrowing.

Another SAA clone, a Navy Arms '92 clone, and a Stoeger/IGA double would be about the least expensive rig. There are CAS gunsmiths who can turn them into 19th century raceguns. They take care of the broken spring horror stories by putting in a coil spring and plunger for the hand (many Italian clones are coming in with them factory installed) and a piano wire trigger/bolt spring.

Belt and holsters, period wardrobe which can be as simple as jeans, plaid shirt, hat, and boots. You will tend to accumulate Stuff. A kid's red wagon with a gun rack is ok and cheaper than a purpose built gun cart.

Go to http://www.sassnet.com and check out the information there. Get on the SASS Wire and swap yarns on their board.

Mainliest thing is to be thinking up an Alias. You must have one and with 40,000 members, you will have to be original.

Uncle Jim
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Mike Weber
October 25, 2002, 03:27 AM
Yep Jakester:
You'll love CAS shooting. Since you allready have an SAA clone I would recommend getting another one. For a pistol caliber rifle The model 92 Replicas are a good choice if you are going to shoot smokeless powder cartridges. If you want to shoot Black Powder cartridges I would recommend a model 1866 or Model 1873 Winchester Replica. These guns aren't cheap but they handle BP better than any of the others. Jim mentioned the Stoeger shotguns. These are available in the full length hunting style Uplander model and in the Coach gun models at reasonable prices. I've shot both models and they are both good shooters. Baikal makes the Bounty Hunter Coach gun. These are good shooters but they require some slicking up of the actions. Norinco makes a very good replica of the 1897 Winchester pump that is reasonably priced. They also make a Mule Ear Hammer double. I haven't shot one of these yet so I wouldn't be able to offer an opinion of them other than to say that they are low priced. under $300.00. If you go to the SASS matches you will get plenty of opportunity to try out different guns. There is lots of great info about the sport over on the SASS Wire http://www.sassnet.com
I'm known as Fightin Creek Slim over there. I shoot with the Mica Peak Marshalls up here in Eastern Washington Territory.

October 25, 2002, 06:53 AM
I would go with an EMF '92 myself but other than that you seem to have the right idea.

Bill Mitchell
October 25, 2002, 07:16 AM
I'm pretty sure that the EMF and Navy Arms '92s are made by Rossi. EMF and Navy Arms will request stuff like case hardening, stainless, and 20" octagon barrels, but each one is still a Rossi.

October 25, 2002, 11:43 AM
Yes they are both still Rossi's but they each request different levels of fit and finish. EMFs and Navy Arms guns do not have the ugly safety on them that the LSI imports do. The EMF costs the same as the LSI and the Navy Arms costs significantly more. The internals vary pretty wildly but EMFs and Navy Arms both have a better reputation than LSI. I believe Navy Arms has real walnut stocks as opposed to the EMF that has some other wood that just looks like walnut.