View Full Version : Emf 1892

six 4 sure
October 21, 2002, 10:00 AM
I was wondering if anyone here used one of these for CAS. I almost bought one this weekend. I was just courious how well they were liked.

I assume the quality is on par with Rossi, or better. Any thoughts?

The one I looked at had a 22"-24" octagon barrel with case hardened reciever, lever and trigger. It looked sweet.

As soon as I get unpacked from my move, and get the reloading equipment set up I'm hope to attend my first CAS event. By the way anyone here shoot in AL?


Bill Mitchell
October 21, 2002, 10:36 AM
I'm pretty sure that the EMF '92s are made by Rossi. Rossi 92s are decent guns that benefit from a good action job. I know Navy Arms sells one, a Stainless model with 20" octagon barrel, that was pretty smooth right out or the box and looked great. The one you describe is a good looking gun, too (having seen a few but never shot one). I did have a Rossi 92 carbine that was fun to shoot and very accurate. I sold it to a cowboy shooter who uses it regularly (I'm a dedicated Marlin shooter).

As far as CAS in AL near Tuscaloosa, there's a great club near you, The Alabama Rangers (http://alabamarangers.org/). If you go, tell Derringer Di I said, "Hey!".