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February 16, 2000, 09:22 PM
Does anyone have much experience with these rounds. Supposed to be really quiet puts out about the same power level as a faster .22 pellet gun. .22 CB Longs by CCI = 29 grain bullet 727 fps. At 25 to 30 yrds and closer do these hit anywhere near the same impact point as conventional standard velocity ammo or do you need to sight in for them specifically. How accurate are they at say 25yrds. Also will they feed manually out of a standard .22 magazine working the bolt by hand or do you have to manually put one in at a time with your fingers. Your experiences please. I also wondered if these would be bad for the chamber on my heavy barreled ruger bolt action 77/22, I believe that one has a match spec chamber. How about a 10/22?
Ok to shoot in these rifles?

February 16, 2000, 09:38 PM
I bought a box of CCI .22 CB ammo when I was entertaining murderous thoughts regarding the neighbor's pit bull. The rounds I have are product number 0026. The "long" designation you use confuses me.

Anyhow, they feed just fine from my Ruger bolt action and they are quiet. Accuracy is good at 25 yards. You will need to sight in again as point of impact is very different than with the CCI Mini-Mags. BTW, the neighbor moved and the dog problem was solved. Besides, I never could have done it anyway.

February 17, 2000, 11:29 AM
If you have a .22 bolt gun that will feed shorts, longs, and long rifles, they will feed and fire like the .22 longs.
They are the same OAL, and simply have less powder in them. They are very quiet out of a rifle, and accuracy is reasonable, but not great. The charges seem to vary rather more than one would like. You can actually see them traveling down range in a rainbow trajectory after about 30 yards.

They do NOT feed out of semiautos that are set up for .22 long rifle rounds, as they are not long enough.
I use the CB longs for close range revolver practice in the shop, ideal for the vicious lizards and mice that stray in....
They will penetrate about 5-6 layers of drywall at six feet.
I shoot them into a target made of 4x4 wood.
They stop in about an inch of dry douglas fir.
They will bounce off of a 55 gallon drum at six feet when fired from a 4" revolver.

If you want better accuracy, and don't mind a little more noise, try the Ely Subsonic .22 long rifle rounds.
They are a bit noisier than the CBs, but have much better accuracy with no supersonic "crack". They will feed and function well in a Ruger MKII 5" bull barrel semiauto.

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February 17, 2000, 06:09 PM
These are designed for use at 50 FEET. They are a .22 long rifle case with .22 short powder charge. They will kill at 50 feet.....have done it to a marauding dog years ago. They are base on the german "zimmerpatronen" rounds which were used in indoor shooting galleries of the last century.