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Zak Smith
February 15, 2000, 10:51 PM
First question: What is the difference between the Trijicon Reflex and the Reflex II?

2nd question: is the triangle reticle on the Reflex pointing up or down? (I'd think you'd want it pointing down for long-range shooting).

3rd question: Is there any advantage of the Aimpoint Comp-M over the Reflex? I don't want a sight I have to "turn on", and the small size of the Reflex is attractive.


February 16, 2000, 01:43 AM
I don't claim to be an authority on point sights, but I've used both. The amber reflex I used was great at night and in low light shooting, but seemed to bleach out a bit in bright daylight. There is no provision on the reflex for brightening the point. All this meant was about a second to acquire the
aiming point. The reflex is the ULTIMATE in low maintainance. No on switch, no batteries,effectively waterproof....
On the other hand, the aimpoint has a brightness control and a sealed battery compartment. The batteries last a long time, but they DO die. For what I use a sight for, I need the brightness adjustment more. My weapon is checked daily anyway, and I don't really mind dropping in a fresh battery every two weeks (regardless. safe than sorry).

February 16, 2000, 04:11 PM
I don't own a Trijicon, but I have tried out several friends AR's with them.. Nyterunner is on the money about the dot (triangle) being hard to pick-up during the day.. It also makes a big difference on what the background is.. I found that I could easily lose the dot on light, bright colored backgrounds... From what I understand Trijicon does make filters to help out their sites during daytime use... Although I am not too sure if these filters are for the Reflex or just the ACOG models...

I do own an Aimpoint Comp M-XD and ML-XD. Both have performed great for me... If you do get a Comp M/ML, make sure that it is of the newer XD type. From what I've been told by people who have both (and from what the company says) the XD models have a much longer battery life, and can be brighter...

February 16, 2000, 04:55 PM
I have never shot a gun with the Reflex but I have looked through the sight on a friend's AR and not only is the dot hard to pick up in daylight, but the dark tint to the sight is a distraction.
I have an Aimpoint CompM XD on my preban Colt M4gery and it is an EXCELLENT sight, particularly for low light. I have a friend that has orange groves out on his ranch and periodically he receives deprivation permits to take deer and hog out of the groves at night. Last time we did this we went out for three nights/mornings in a row and I used the M4 as it had the Aimpoint and a Surefire flashlight. I took three deer with the rifle, two of the shots at past a hundred meters at night, with running deer. The dot is incredibly easy to pick up and it didn't lose brightness after being out for three nights in a row. I highly reccomend it.

February 16, 2000, 05:07 PM
Gotta go with the Aimpoint Comp M type.
Used it in all of the worst conditions available, and it has always come through.

February 16, 2000, 05:37 PM
I own a reflex (1st gen.) and love it! The difference between the Reflex and the Reflex2 is mostly in the dot. The Reflex uses a dot (mine is 6moa) where the Reflex 2 uses a 12 moa triangle.(pointing up) I beleive that some of the light transmission qualitites of the 2 were modified also but I am usure of the details. My Reflex came with a polarizing filter that takes care of glare problems that the others were talking about.
The reflex is always "on" and works on the K.I.S.S. principle. It is waterproof and rugged as hell. The Aimpoints are very nice and I am sure that they would serve you well. But you know Murphy's Law. For a combat sight I'd go with the Trijicon. Just my .02.

Zak Smith
February 16, 2000, 08:10 PM
I wear polarized sunglasses - will the polarized lens on the Reflex interfere? ;-)

I like reflex because of the small size, percieved ruggedness, and "always-on", but if it's hard to see in bright sunlight, that will definitely be a problem.

Where is the on switch located on the Aimpoint?

February 16, 2000, 10:53 PM
I have a Reflex I on an M4 Flat-top.

The dot is hard to pick up in the daylight with the Reflex. However, you can simply adjust the polarizing filter to remedy this problem. Ideally, you should be able to adjust the filter until no light penetrates it and still be able to use the sight, for it was intended to be used with both eyes open. It's a bit difficult to get the hang of this method for a while, but it becomes easier with a little practice. From what I understand, it is recommended to go ahead and turn the polarizing filter all the way down and practice from there.

Just remember, these aren't pin-point tack-driving sights... They were designed with combat situations in mind.

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February 17, 2000, 01:10 AM
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