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February 15, 2000, 12:24 AM
I am new to this board, so bear with me (most of my time is spent over at the handguns forum). I have a question on RRA's AR-15's. I don't know anything about the AR-15, but am pretty familiar with RRA's custom 1911's (by reputation only - I don't own one). Everybody talks up their 1911s. What is the general concensus on their AR-15's? What about price? I was thinking about a custom handgun until I saw their $995 price tag for a AR-15. The lowest I had seen before that was a (Wilson)? for about $1500, so I thought it was a pretty good buy.

Also, since I am asking questions, what are the maintenance requirements on a AR-15 compared to a 1911, for instance? What about ammo costs? Can I reload for a AR-15? What do people think about the AR-15 in general as a military-type rifle? Are they considered reliable?, and perhaps most important, fun to shoot? Your feedback is much appreciated.

February 15, 2000, 01:02 AM
Hi Rock-jock-

I don't know much about Rock River's ARs- they are pretty new to it I think, and certainly a very small supplier. The most reputable quantity suppliers are Bushmaster and Armalite/ Eagle Arms. The AR-15 is an extremely accurate rifle, with which you can expect 1 MOA accuracy when set up the rigth away (comp barrels etc.), in a caliber which is naturally fit for accuracy (.223, of course). You will meet many people who absolutely swear by their AR. I have one too, btw, an early Eagle Arms before they were bought off and renamed Armalite.

My personal opinion of the rifle is that it is a very accurate, light, comfortable weapon- but by gar it does foul up a storm. It is a full time job to keep this thing clean, and when it is not clean it will malfunction. If you keep it properly maintained it is a very reliable weapon. The design is such that all fouling particles will go back and find their way into the most insidious parts of your rifle :)

Beyond that, it is a fun thing to have- fun to shoot with, significantly more precise than an AK, much lighter than a Galil, FAL, G3, or M1. The only thing (and I like and don't like it at the same time) is the look - there is no way for it not to look like a "black gun". I kinda like that, but I think it would make it a lot easier for us ARE owners if it looked more like a hunting gun, like the M1 for instance.

You can reload but I can't help you w/ that. For me I can find loads of cheap .223 ammo and that's what I use.

If you are looking for rock bottom $$ price, you can actually put the rifle together yourself from a parts kit and get a match grade rifle for under $1K. You might want to check out the following forums: http://forums.ar15.com/cgi/Ultimate.cgi?action=intro

Take care and have fun out there!

Frank the Spank
February 15, 2000, 01:35 AM
Hey I guess I'll tell you about RRA's AR's when I get mine in two weeks :)

At the end of last year in a rush I bought a PWA stripped lower from RRA... the service was top notch!!!

Well I've decided to build up my AR, a week ago I ordered a lower parts kit and buttstock from Bushmaster.. I was gonna get a Bushmaster upper... but they were sorta pricy.. and those AR's from RRA look like exact copies of Bushmasters.. So for $425 my first upper will be a standard A2.

Later on when I get more cash I'll buy a Bushmaster V-Match (thats why I didn't get the flattop from RRA)and I'll just go from there. I live in CA so this is the only lower I will have. So I'm gonna build a rock solid lower and just swicth out my uppers.

The RRA will be my rugged AR-15.. and the V-Match will be my nice target shooter.

I'll tell ya how good the quality is when I get it.

-Frank the Spank

February 15, 2000, 08:34 AM
For more great info on a great system, check out AR15.com. Lots of useful info there, as well as some great folks. Look for my logo!

Kurt V. Wala
Kurt's Kustom Firearms www.kurtkustom.qpg.com (http://www.kurtkustom.qpg.com)

February 15, 2000, 11:43 AM
Hi Kurt-

nice pics!

Are you 100% sure that your m-brake cannot be interpreted by DOJ as a flash-hider? I am in CA and I need to get rid of mine and replace it w/ a CA-legal one.

I know, i'll also have to get rid of the pistol grip. That's the price of doing business in CA...

Still a great place to live, though.

February 15, 2000, 02:20 PM
It is much easier to maintain a 1911 than an AR. The AR has more parts and a dirty action.
It isn't as reliable as most atomatic rifles out there. I carried an A2 for four years and didn't like it's jam frequency.
But...It is very light. Super accurate. And with all the aftermarket parts, add-ons, kits, etc., It is a vurtual Lego set of destruction.
Have fun.

February 16, 2000, 04:14 PM
If you want to get into AR's, more power to you. They are great, accurate rifles. By no means is the maintence light on the AR's. With proper upkeep, you will become one of the many AR fans.

First, lets discuss the rifle itself. At .223, it's very accurate. There are a number of high quality uppers available ranging from Bushmaster, Colt, Wilson, RRA, etc. What type of AR is right for you? Well to answer that, you must decide on whether it'll be a plinking rifle or a match rifle.

1. Plinking
If you decide you just want to plink. There's no reason on earth why you have to spend in excess of a $1000. Target Bushmasters range from 700-800. You can still get nice groupings with it and fun as hell to shoot.

2. Match
If you decide to you want to shoot matches with your AR. Then many production AR's is not right for you. Yes you can buy a Bushmaster DCM for around $1200. It's very accurate and match capable. However, you can get a trully custom made AR upper from Compass Lake for $880-980. That includes:
a. Customize aperatures
b. Stainless Steel Barrel
c. Match Grade Bolt Carrier
d. Compass Lake's Outstanding Reputation and service. All you need then is a lower. A match grade lower can run you anywhere from $300-450. So for $1180-1430, you can have a HIGHLY accurate AR. Compass Lake guarantees 1/4"-1/2" MOA.

3.The most important aspect of owning an AR is, maintence. I would highly recommend buying a small bottle of Militec-1. It's a synthetic oil that bonds with metal. If used correctly, it'll keep carbon from gunking to the metal in the many AR parts. With Militec-1, I can go fire at my hearts delight. Then just run a 1" swab through my barrel 5-6 times and it's clean. Same applies with the bolt carrier.

4. Ammo
Everybody has their preference with different ammo brands. You can buy 1000 round cases from $150-200. Since the price is so cheap, reloading is almost useless. If you have a nice progressive Dillon, then spit out all the ammo you want. Otherwise, just spend $150-200 and buy .223 by the case.

I hope you decide to go with an AR of some sort. Whether it's a RRA or custom, I'm sure you'll end up loving it.

Son's Place (http://users.desupernet.net/taos/)

"Rangers Lead the Way"

February 16, 2000, 04:16 PM
I forgot to mention, the last time I talked to RRA, they're running 4-6 months on AR's. Armalite is running 4-6 months. Wilson you can get within 2-4 weeks. There's a plentiful supply of Bushmasters.
Stay away from Olympic Arms. I personally don't care for Colts but that's just my opinion.

February 16, 2000, 04:20 PM
It is true about AR's needing to be kept clean to ensure reliability... Since AR's are gas operated, things can get dirty fast if you shoot dirty ammo, like PMC... Taking care of your 1911 will seem much easier.

AR's are fun to shoot! They can be very accurate, but like all precision guns, that usually requires more money... But .223 is a mild recoiling rifle caliber, especially with the in-line stock of an AR. So that also aids in fast, fun shooting!

February 16, 2000, 08:26 PM
Thanks for all your help. It looks like I will forego an AR right now, but hope to add one this year. This info will help me make an informed decision.