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October 17, 2002, 06:59 AM
I am trying to get ready for my first IPSC 3 gun match. What I have is a Bushmaster A-15 (A-3 shorty) with 1 10rd mag and 4 30rd mags. As for the SG all I have is a Mossberg (Mavrick 88) pump shotgun. I can only hold 5 in the magazine. I do have a SA 1911 but its in the shop so I'll be using a 9mm production pistol. Can I use the guns I have listed for the match? I do have a 18" & 28" barrel for the SG, which one is best? From other posts I saw I'll try either 4 or 6 shot. I have heard of other people talk about speed loaders for SG's that hold 6 rds. will they work for pump SG's? Is there a inexpensive mag pouch for .223 30rd mags to go on a 1 3/4" belt that someone can suggest? Is there anything else that I could use that I havent listed? ANY help would be appreceiated!


October 17, 2002, 12:09 PM
I've shot eight or ten 3-gun matches, and have not bought any "trick" parts for either of my long guns, which are not competition guns, anyway. I look at 3-gun as way to become more competent with the weapons that I own, rather than a reason to buy specialized gear.
A larger-capacity shotgun would be good; most people load from a belt, but if you want to win, you'll need something faster. I can load 8+1, but the last match required the gun start unloaded on most stages, so the mag capacity didn't matter as much as usual.
I think most of the guys in my area are using a Blade-Tech mag pouch, but I don't know; don't think they make 'em for M1 Rifle or Carbine!

October 17, 2002, 01:41 PM
I would say just take what you have to your first match. Shoot it. Then see what you feel like you need to buy.

I don't know how many times I purchased some piece of gear, used it once, and thought to myself "why the heck did I do that?" Just shoot and have fun, after a while you will figure out what your style is, then you can spend your money.

The only thing that is probably really going to help right at the start is an extension for your shotgun.

October 18, 2002, 07:40 PM

To address the pointed questions you asked, go with the 18" barrle for the shotgun. Depending on how it patterns at say 20yds, you may want to use 4s. If it patterns great try 8s ( most of the shot charge in a 12" circle). Rifle wize, I'd say you are fine. Pistol wize, once again fine.

As for mag holders there are many out there, check out your local surplus store for something untill you get to know what you want.
Absolute MUST HAVE are Choate ( brand name ) speed clips for shotgun shells. These hold 6 shells horizontally to the belt in a vertical stack and have a clip at the top to keep shells from falling out. Minimum 2, 3 would be better! As for speed loaders as they are known, these are for open shotguns and requier a special bracket be mounted to the shotgun. MANY club have BANNED the use of these as some have been known to detonate shells when loading ( never seen it myself, but do know one guy that had to have a lot of work done on his arm when one went off.) Practice grabbing 2-3 shotgun shell out of the loaders and then loading all into the shotgun at one time. Your shotgun is the only weak link in your gear due to capacity, but as RickB pointed out, you usally don't get to start a full shotgun anyway. I liked CORREIA's post, use what you have and then decide. Remember you can always ask the guys at the match that seem to do well, In general 3 gunners are good people. Get the Choate loaders however. KURT

October 19, 2002, 12:09 AM
Thanks everyone for the info. All I picked up from the store was a 25rd belt for the SG, $10. I could not see loading up my pockets with 12ga shells. At some point I do need to replace the SG, when I bought it I had no intention of using it for 3 gun. I'll try out the 18" barrel this week end to see what kind of pattern I get using 4 ~ 6 shot. Thanks again.


October 20, 2002, 08:14 AM
Well I tried out the 18" barrel with 4 & 6 shot, this barrel is total useless for any shot over 8~10'. Is much is I hate to I will have to use the 28" barrel, at least it has a mod. choke in it.