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January 31, 2000, 06:17 PM
Anyone know if the rem 700 pss (police sniper) is any good. Its about the only thing I can find right now. I wanted the vs but the pss seems to have everything i want also, mainly, a heavy barrel, 700 action, and black syn stock. It's $690, any ideas/ comments would be helpful.
Thanks, Bill

January 31, 2000, 06:40 PM
Check out the thread at
I'm not sure what caliber you are looking for, but psywar was looking for a .308Win.

Here is what I posted:
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How about
#6 - Barrett M82A1 (for hunting wabbits) :D
#7 - HK PSG-1 (you got $10K laying around, right?) :eek:

Another vote for the Remington 700. One thing to consider is that the PSS has a 24" bbl, where the VS has a 26" bbl. I don't know much details about ballistics, so I'm not sure how much an extra 2" will buy you.

I bought a VS, where my buddy bought the VLS. Differences between the two?

VS: "parkerized" matte finish, black bolt, H-S Precision stock w/ aluminum bedding, FREE FLOATED BBL.
VLS: "shiny" finish, silvery bolt, heavy laminated stock, NOT free floated bbl.
Of course I paid $200 more than him, but I think the extra goodies are worth it.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Remington discontinue the VS in .308? I'm looking at my '99 Remington catalog and the only listing I have for heavy bbl .308s is the VLS, VS(left handed), VS w/composite bbl (aww yea), and the VS/SF (stainless, fluted). I remember the dealer telling me I bought the last one they had in their inventory. (This was last spring).

One nice thing about the 700 is that there is a lot of aftermarket stocks available. I have my eye on the Accuracy International replacement stock, but I don't think I can justify paying more money for a stock than what I paid for the rifle.

Hope this helps out.


Mal H
January 31, 2000, 06:47 PM
Remington did discontinue the entire VS line last year, not just the .308 (except left handed models). Apparently they got so many cards and letters, including one from me, that they are ramping up VS production again. I don't know when they will be hitting dealers stock.

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John Overbey
January 31, 2000, 07:00 PM
I have two takes on this. With Remington "wimping out" and restricting current 700P (new model number of the 700PSS) to law enforcement only, the ones currently in circulation may become kind of a collectable of sorts, so it's bound to be a good investment, and at $650 to $700, it's a heck of a deal.
On the other hand though, the 700VS is back in production for the 2000 model year. It is the EXACT SAME barreled action as the 700P. There are only two differences between the 700P and the 700VS; the stock (both are HS Precision, just different models), and the price. A 700VS should run you around $450-$550.
Now for the kicker - I plan to pick up a new 700VS and the new AICS from Accuracy International. I found a place that offers it for just over $600. In the long run, I will have spent more that I would've for the 700P, but I will have a simply awesome rifle. Total, with scope, is gonna be about $1600, but it should be on par with some of the $3-5,000 tactical rifles currently available. Check 'em out at Accuracy International's (http://www.accuracyinternational.com) web site. Probably more info than you wanted, but that's my $.03 :)

January 31, 2000, 07:09 PM
answered that ?

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February 1, 2000, 12:00 AM
My VS in .223 has a hi-polish, machine-turned bolt. The VS has a 26" barrel with a slower twist than the PSS. The PSS also has a wider forend and large palm swells.

I was at the range today, helping a friend sight in a VS in .308 and a VLS in .223. I free-floated the barrel on the VLS, in just a few minutes, using a small drum sander on and electric drill.

If you're going to shoot heavy bullets, get the PSS, with the faster twist. If not, get the VS. Be sure and adjust the triggers and torque the action screws to 65 inch/lbs.

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John Overbey
February 1, 2000, 01:37 AM
Walter, when you say the VS has a slower twist, are you talking about the 223 version? As far as I know, the 700P and the 700VS, in 308win, both have a 1 in 12 right hand twist and a 26" barrel. I'm not sure what the twist rates are for the 223 versions. As for the differences with the palm swell and the forend, you're right - the differences between the two HS Precision stocks are limited to those two features, and an additional sling swivel on the 700P (PSS) intended for a bipod, although one can be added to the VS stock, if needed. The 700P is also available with a detachable mag, whereas the 700VS is a fixed mag. Either one would make a great rifle, although for the difference in price, I'd still go with the 700VS (mainly because I plan to swap the stock anyway - otherwise, I'd stick with the 700P).

February 1, 2000, 02:29 AM
I checked some other sources and I goofed! The PSS also has the 26" barrel like John said. I'm not sure why I was thinking 24" (maybe the PSS from a couple of years ago was 24").

Sorry if I misled anybody.

For the highest cool :cool: factor, check out the new VS Composite (http://www.remington.com/FIREARMS/centerfire/700vcomp.htm).

John- Let us know how well the Accuracy International stock works for you. I remember when the Accuracy International rifles first came out and I've wanted one ever since.

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Zach Vonler
February 1, 2000, 09:23 PM
What's up with those composite barrels? Do they actually work to "reduce walk due to heat buildup" and are there any downsides to them?

February 2, 2000, 01:01 PM
Well, thanks for the input, I bought the PSS in 308, and as soon as the Guvment says so, I can take it home (I ALWAYS get delayed).
Gonna put a B+L 4200 elite 6X24X40mm on top of it, hoping for a great target/varmit rifle.
Thanks again for your input.

February 3, 2000, 12:41 AM
Probably was .223 PSS. I don't know about the new PSS's as I've only seen one that a friend has in .223 that's a couple of years old. His has a 24" barrel. My VS has a 26" His has a 1/9 twist; I believe that mine is 1/12.

I like 'em both, but actually don't like the hugh palm swells on the PSS as much as the VS stock. .

February 8, 2000, 01:21 AM
i have a 308 Rem 700 VS -- shooting it with Sierra 168HPBT Match, 42.2 gr of Varget and CCI benchrest -- only thing i did to it was shorten the barrell to 22" and adjusted trigger to 2.5lb -- mounted with Leo Vari X II 3-9 mil dots and harris bipod --- shoots no bigger than half inch groups 5-shot s at 100 yards consistent (when i do my part). Just plain tickled with this gun.