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February 2, 2000, 03:12 PM
Did a search and haven't found any discussions on this topic. J&G Sales is advertising Maadi AK-47s (7.62x39) with pistol grip and 5-round mag for $298. They also list Romanian AK-74s (5.45x39) with pistol grip for $348.

Not knowing much on the different AK manufacturers, are these good AKs? Which manufacturer or distributor would you recommend if these aren't worth buying? Any info is much appreciated.

February 2, 2000, 04:53 PM
I'm not much of an AK expert, but I would take the Romanian guns over the Maadi. I feel they are of slighty better quality.

Some of these AK's have been known to have their front sight torqued too much in one direction.

You might want to ask the folks over at http://www.ak-47.net for help. They know their AK's.

I've tried the SLR-95, Romanian SAR-1, SA-85, and MAK-90 on different occasions.

I still have to say the SLR-95 is a sweet shooter.

February 2, 2000, 04:59 PM
Why don't you get a Russian Saiga in 7.62x39? Most that I've seen accept standard AK mags and this version has a straight stock (no p-grip, no thumbhole). These are true AKs, having been made in the same factory (Izmech) as those of the Russian army and retail for around $240.

If you want a p-grip config, you can send it to the AKGuru, Mike Prewitt, who can convert it (along with US parts for 922(r)). This way you can have an excellent quality AK that says, "Kalashnikov" right on the receiver.

Chad Young
February 2, 2000, 05:25 PM
Whatever you do, do not get a MADDI. They are, simply put, carp. Yes, they will fire, and most of the time the bullet will hit the target, but they are made very poorly.

Next step is a Chinese MAK90 or similar. These vary widely in quality, so look over the rifle carefully. I have seen good and bad MAK 90s.

Romanian SAR-1 AKs are ok, but the ones I have seen had a really unexceptional finish on them. These may be the best value.

Hungarian AKs are fantastic as are the Bulgarian ones. These cost a bit more, however.

I am considering getting one of the aforementioned Saiga rifles. They are made well and look really cool. I like the built-in scope mount on the side, too.

February 2, 2000, 09:23 PM
Don't get one. At one time I had a Mak-90 w/ stamped reciever,and loved it (with the appropriate furniture). At the time I thought it was a bit cheesy compared to the Hungarian, Yugo, Bulgaian, etc...products, but compared to a MADDI...WOAH, it's a jewel.
Like Chad Young says, if you want inexpensive get a MAK-90 but pay attention to quality (I feel milled recievers are better)

February 2, 2000, 09:57 PM
i do a bit of AK reading over here: http://kalashnikov.guns.ru/wwwboard/index.html

there is a rumor that the Polish made AKs may be in the US market soon & they are supposed to be very nice!

if you get a new import it will be modified to accept only a single stack 10 round mag

if you get 10 us parts installed it becomes a US made gun and can have 30 round mags

February 3, 2000, 01:15 AM
I recently purchased two of the Romanian SAR-1s. I'm very happy with them. True, the finish isn't great and the wood doesn't match, but they seem solidly built and work fine. The more I handle and shoot them, the more I like them. And the price was right. I ordered them from AIM Surplus, and the TOTAL out-the-door cost (tax and all) was under $400 each.

Sure I'd like a Bulgarian milled receiver rifle like the SSR-99, but not for over double the price. I guess an AK just doesn't seem like a "fine rifle" to me, so I'm not willing to spend a lot to get a nicer finish. Also, I much prefer the pistol grip stock on the SAR-1s to the thumb-hole stocks on most of the other AK clones mentioned. To me, the SAR-1 LOOKS like an AK ought to, and DOES what an AK was designed to do (work reliably and accept all high-capacity AK magazines).

I think the SAR-1s are a clear notch above the Maadis, which appear to be painted, and required that imported magazines have U.S. floorplates and followers installed to be legal (so no drums). I'm happy with my SAR-1s.

February 3, 2000, 10:16 AM
The Maadi is very crude. The finish is painted on and the fit is often not what it should be. They seem to have a quality control problem. They are also an almost exact copy of the Russian AKM. A properly put together Maadi will do everything an AK is supposed to do. The only way I would buy one is if I could examine it personally.

The Romanian rifles seem to have a better level of fit and finish. It's still not great but acceptable. They aso come with a scope rail already installed which is a plus. These rails work very well and there are a large variety of optics and electronic sights available. I've never shot one so I can't comment on how they shoot.

The MAK 90 isn't too bad. The fit is adaquate but the finish is pretty poor. They are blued but they rust very easily! I've had 2 of them and neither one gave me any trouble. They go bang every time. Accuracy is usually around 4moa.

I currently have a Bulgarian SA93. (predecessor to the SLR95) It is a milled receiver weapon and the fit is top notch. The finish is ok. It's painted on. It functions flawlessly and is more accurate than an AK is supposed to be. I had a scope rail installed and using a 4X Russian scope I can get 2moa with good ammo. When I bought mine it was about $325 and is worth every penny. I think they are about $700 now. I'm not sure I would pay that much but they are the best. There is a gunsmih (Mike Prewitt) who will convert your Bulgarian receiver to a Galil configuration. It is expensive but it sure is nice! A 7.62X39 Galil that uses standard AK mags. Aweful tempting!

Get a copy of Shotgun News to see what is available. (Tennasee Guns has some really nice stuff!) Go to www.ak-47.net (http://www.ak-47.net) for all your AK questions.

February 3, 2000, 11:47 AM
I have two from Maadi. I have no complaints at all regarding this rifle. They function well and have fair accuracy. Fit is no better or worse than any other AK I've seen. Finish is nothing special, but i didn't buy the gun for its beauty :D. I highly recommend completely disassembling these guns when you get them for thorough cleaning. The last one I bought had all kinds of grit and grease in the firing mechanism. The sights and barrels on the two I have are excellent. Let's face it....these guns are manufactured for volume not craftsmanship. I've read that they are manufactured for about $50 a piece for the next Jihad, not for groups at 500 meters. JMO