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October 10, 2002, 11:41 PM
Hi, my name is Jason and i bought an 11-87, full black and synthetic, 3 1/2 magnum just in time for the start of dove season here in Louisiana, on the fifth round, the link bar from the piston to the bolt, BENT SEVERELY disabling my gun, and ruining my hunt prospects. On calling Remington they informed me i had to ship it to them, 4 to 6 weeks minimum round trip, or drive it four hours round trip to the repair center in Lafayette, la. (and go pick it up)
I drove it to Lafayette in hopes of maybe still making the hunt, i didn’t. Finally I got my gun back, "repaired".
Back to the range to shoot skeet. Pull BANG! BANG! pull BANG! BANG! pull BANBRUNCHHHHHHCLUNK!!!!!!! Once again on the fifth round of REMINGTON 3 1/2" magnum ammo, the gun has internally self-destructed, identical failure to the first time, after supposedly having been "tested" after repair by the shop.
Back on the phone to Remington, this time i am to send the gun back to them to be repaired, no offer of a replacement weapon due to the fact that it is a repetitive problem, just the certainty of un-ending trips to the gunshop i bought it at to send the gun back.
I bought what I thought was a workhorse of a weapon to enjoy while bird and small game hunting, what i received was a worthless piece of junk.
I would have been satisfied if they had agreed to replace the weapon on the second episode, i want to hunt this fall, and the squirrel, rabbit, dove, and bird seasons are zipping right by while my 730$ piece of scrap-iron sits in Remington's waiting area, along with all the other defective junk they are promising to "fix" while the warranty ticks away.
What follows is opinion and a personal request to all hunters and shooters;
In my OPINION Remington has begun producing trashy products, corporate greed has eclipsed the hunter's needs for quality in a firearm.
Remington does not stand behind their product,(unless you count standing way-way-way-far-behind-hopefully-out-of-sight-of-the-owners-of-their-products.
Please don’t buy Remington, especially an 11-87, at least not if you want to shoot it more than four times.

Respectfully ;
fellow sportsman.
Jason L.

October 11, 2002, 03:12 AM
Welcome to the forum Jason.
Sorry to hear about your Remington problems. I've heard a few gripes on the 11-87 3.5" and some others on the big green QC in general but yours sounds like a major headache.
Hope you get the fix soon.
Got another shotgun to hunt with? a loaner maybe? I've got a couple 3.5"s but I think I could do any same thing with a 3" and the right ammo.

Dave McC
October 11, 2002, 05:00 AM
Thanks for posting that,Jason. Sorry to hear about your A,probs,and B,lousy QC and warranty work from an old US company.

I suggest you obtain another shotgun. Ask the gun shop owner to take that POC back and get you another brand/model. Then, call/write Big Green and tell them WHY you're never, ever, ever buying a new Rem product.

A bit of advice for any shooter of a brand new semi auto. Run a few boxes of target fodder through your new toy before using the barnburner stuff. Kinda like driving a new car under 55 for the first 500 miles...

October 11, 2002, 07:26 AM
Jason, sorry to hear about you missing the hunts and Rem jacking you around.

I had an 1100 and the action bar guide broke, so I used that as the perfect excuse for another gun :D . I bought an 870 express. My 1100 cost me $5 to repair and it was going again, but the wife wanted to hunt so she got it. I wanted another auto so I bought an 11-87, the 870 was the only thing that guaranteed I would have a working shotgun at any given time. It broke on me a couple times. I figured it was a bad gun, so I sold it and borrowed another 11-87. Shortly after that IT started jamming constantly and no fix for it. Gave it back and traded for an 11-87SC, it functioned well but was 2.75" target loads only. Sold it.

I still have the 870 and the 1100. Several 11-87s in the family and hunting friends yet but none for me!! 3 guys I hunt with at least 15 days a year have them and they ALL jam EVERY year.

I ended up with a SuperX2, about the same money as the Remington 3.5" and a whole lot more shotgun. I have shot many many thousands of rounds through it and had less than 5 non-ammo induced jams. The jams were very early when I was trying to shoot it dry, once I learned where and how much to lube I have not had even a slight hitch with it!!! I cannot say enough about the X2, I have had less trouble and jamming with it than I have with the 870!

Anyway, sorry about your trouble and hope you get it sorted out soon.

October 11, 2002, 08:30 AM
Unfortunately, I must agree that Remington "Quality Control" is non-existant at best. I too agree that the corporate bottom line and greed are taking a fine American gun maker down the tubes. My last three new Remington products turned out to be absolute junk.

I too purchased a new Winchester Super X2 in the 3" version and can't say anything but praise for it. It has been 100% from day one. My 20ga. semi-auto is a Browning Gold Classic and it too is an improvement over the Remington.

It would take one heck of a change and a lot of good reports from real folks before I buy another Remington product.

October 12, 2002, 06:46 PM
i had an 1187 i had to sell and my dad has had one for 9years now. not a single problem. never known anyone with a prob either. the 1187's got a bad rep they don't deserve.

why in the hell did you buy a '3.5 for dove hunting?

you got a lemon, like anything else lemons are out there. the customer service is unacceptable and i don't blame you for being pissed.

October 29, 2002, 11:23 PM
i bought it because it is supposed to shoot all rounds up to 3.5" so it was supposed to be an all-around weapon.
Dove, squirrel, rabbit, duck, deer,& turkey.

now remington has told me they have put parts from "another gun" into mine, so now i dont even have a new gun , for all i know these USED parts have 10,000 rounds through them.

they have now resorted to trying to buy me off with offers of free shells or an extra barrel, but this isnt about greed or trying to get extras from them, i just want what i paid for in the first place.

October 30, 2002, 05:02 AM
If you can't return the gun to the seller or get a replacement from Remington, then take the extra barrel and free shells. You have used up a lot of your valuable time fooling with this problem. You ought to be compensated in some way. At least an extra barrel will make the value go up considerably if you sell the gun. Remember that your time is money, so don't be too proud to accept these "buy offs."

In my limited experience, 11-87s have gotten more disapproving nods in terms of reliability than the 870 or the 1100. I still like Remingtons, so my solution is to use the 1100 for dove and a Super Mag (3 1/2") 870 for turkey/duck.

October 30, 2002, 06:33 PM
Guyon has the right idea take them up on the extra barrel and shells and then sell the extra barrel with the shotgun when you get it back. At least you should be able to get what you paid for the gun back out of it.
I have been hearing alot of good reports about the Beretta 390 at Wal-Mart for $530.00, the only thing is its not 3.5".

Did you ask Remington if the parts actually came out of a used gun?

Good Luck...