View Full Version : CARBON-15 and fluted barrels

January 25, 2000, 04:03 PM
Does anyone have any experiences or information on the CARBON-15? How well does the lighter weight and compensator affect the rifle's shooting characteristics compared to a typical stock AR?

Also, anyone have any experiences or information on fluted barrels for a self defense rifle?

January 25, 2000, 04:36 PM
www.carbon-15.com (http://www.carbon-15.com)

January 25, 2000, 05:45 PM
the carbon 15 is not a battle proven rifle
parts are hard (if not impossible) to get
several owners are dissapointed with accuracy


January 25, 2000, 06:14 PM
Have seen and used the weapon. Much lighter than I prefer for any accurate work, but that is just my personal preference. I am just now getting to accept plastic and aluminum on a firearm over walnut and solid steel-M1A,M14/M1Garand/Springfield 03 shooter- and I did see not long ago about some reported "cracking??" I have noticed that the price has been coming down a bit.
I would wait a year or so to see how the weapon evolves.

Many debates go on about fluting, and no question it lessens the weight-removing material would tend to do that-but as to any great improvement in accuracy, I am not sure about that part. Whether fluted or not, most shooters have not reached the accuracy level of the rifle itself whatever barrel is on there. Claims of heat dissipation, probably true, but if it disperses heat quickly, the reverse is also true-heats quicker! Not really an issue, for the rifle was never intended to deliver match quality accurcy. It's a shooter and that is about it.