View Full Version : Suggestions on locking Home Defense SG (kid)

October 7, 2002, 02:42 PM
Well that pretty much says it all... I was thinking of getting a Shot gun for the house mostly, but I need some way to keep little hands from playing with it, but it also must be fairly easy for me to get to, otherwise it is about useless...

Right now I have my 1911 in a cannon safe lock box with a simplex lock (easy to open in the dark by feel). It is almost as quick as opening a drawer.

Dave McC
October 7, 2002, 03:35 PM
Got a Cannon myself, good box.

I kept the HD shotgun up high when the little McCs were really little. A pump kept Cruiser Ready (Empty chamber, full mag, action locked shut, safety on) is a good choice. It's nigh impossible for a kid or ignorant adult to operate, but can be made ready in a twinkling.

Education is the best preventative. My kids knew are a very early age they could handle and examine any firearm here(and we have about as many as the average Central American revolution) by asking permission and gettign same. I'd make it safe and empty, then let them handle it,using the occasion to drill safety rules into their adorable little heads. With the mystery gone, so was the allure.


October 7, 2002, 10:15 PM
oh I agree... the 4yr old knows the difference between all of my guns and his toys (every time he sees one, he points and says "not a toy" :) ). I have shown him all of them. He calls them thunder guns, and actually is afraid of fireworks, and the noise that the guns make (not really a bad thing at this age). He will get the safety lessons and range trips later.

While keeping it without one in the chamber would certainly keep him from being able to fire it, from a legal stand point it must be locked (plus it would be good for later on). If friends or relatives kids came over (old enough to pump it) and got a hold of it, well that would be bad also....

I totally agree with giving the kids info (I got it when I was a kid) but I can't educate everyone (friends kids and stuff) and an educated kid is the back up safety for if (god forbid, by some stretch) they ever come across a loaded gun (mine or otherwise). Kinda like a redundant safety Educated + locked.