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October 7, 2002, 11:13 AM
I have a new 870 police express...

1. I'd like to make it have a synthetic stock and forearm, how much are original Remington parts? And where to buy from?

I found this site, pricing good or bad?
speedfeed stocks (http://www.clipsnstuff.com/shotgun-speedfeed.htm)

2. Extention tube for magazine, how much and from where? Aftermarket ok?

3. Sling? Should I tap the stock, or wait for the black synthetic, will that have the sling hooks?

4. Sites, whats the best ghost rings or even dove tails that will replace the front beed site?

5. Website geared for 870 parts and accessories? Including heat shield.

Thanks for all the great info

October 7, 2002, 12:37 PM
I bought a new standard 870 Express with synthetic stock a couple of years back. When I contacted Remington about the proper procedure for installing sling studs, they told me that putting sling studs on the synthetic stock would void the warranty. I bought a magazine cap with a sling stud mounted on it and a sling with a slip loop on one end to go around the stock. Good luck.

October 7, 2002, 01:47 PM
Many WalMarts now carry Remington 870 synthetic stocks, at good prices. You can also by from Brownell's and from Remington direct. Brownell's carry about every shotgun stock avaliable.

After market magazine extensions are available from Choat, Tac-Star, and Scattergun Technologys. Occasionally you can find Remington factory extensions. There is little difference in quality between them, all are uniformly good.
Magazine extensions are available from Brownell's, direct from Choate and Tac-Star/Pacmayer. There is a man on Ebay that is selling Choate extensions at great prices. He will sell without going through the auction process with a "buy it now" option. Do a search under "Remington 870", his ID is: Gunrunners22.

The best web site for shotgun accessories is: Brownell's Gunsmith Supply at: http://www.brownells.com They carry just about every accessory available including a varity of sights.

Heat shields add no real benifit to a shotgun, and increase weight. The reason for the original heat shield was so that WWI Winchester 1897 Trench guns could have a bayonet attached. Attaching the bayonet lock directly to the barrel resulted in bent barrels, so the mount was added to a heat shield which strengthened the barrel.
Pump shotguns are difficult to fire and reload fast enough to get the barrel really hot, and then the heat shield also gets hot too.
Therefore, they are mostly an appearance item.
If you like the "look", add one.

Dave McC
October 7, 2002, 03:26 PM
You've got a really great shotgun right now, I suggest you hold off on the bellsnwhistles a while.

There's lots of addon stuff for the 870. After all, it's the civilian firearm with the highest production numbers ever.

Some of the addons are nice to have, some are abominations, and some are essential.

Here's the essentials....

A stock that fits YOU!

A good pad for that stock.

Sights that you can see in any light or condition you think you'll be involved in. A plain bead works for many, same with a touch of paint works for more, slug work is best done with a Peep(GR sans press agent) or optic.

A trigger that breaks cleanly under 4 lbs. Some 870s still show up from the factory thus.

Sling studs, for obvious reasons.

And lots of ammo.

That's it....

And the nice to haves, in my opinion, include...

A two shot extension. Unless you're built like a blacksmith, the longer versions can get a little nose heavy, Bruce Buck's simile of a pig on a snow shovel comes to mind.

Choke tubes, the greatest addition to a GP Shotgun ever devised.

I vehemently urge you to get the essentials and then shoot lots of ammo through it. About the time it feels like a body part instead of a good tool, you'll have a better idea of what IT needs to do what YOU want it to.

Technology and a checkbook are a poor substitute for expertise.

As for specifics to your questions....

The two makers of extensions I have are Remington and Choate. No probs with either.The Remington has given good service for nearly two decades.

The wood stock is perfectly functional. It's not only easier to mount studs, but is malleable for shaping it to you. If black is your thing, a $4 can of flat black bow paint will do the job. Couple of mine have been done like that.

My peep sights are made by Lyman and Williams. Not as fashionable as the "Tactical" jobs, but quite effective.

Read old threads on Speedfeed stocks and a recent one on heat shields for some input, but again, wait until shooting quite a bit.


October 7, 2002, 04:55 PM
I have the standard 4 capacity (4+1 total for the gun) magazine, what makes it flush with the 18" barrel? 7 total? Because I see you can get different size magazine extentions...And I saw one that had what looked to be a sling swivel already on the tip and was flush, any idea who makes that?

October 7, 2002, 07:08 PM
Also, what choke tube is a good purchase for a defensive shotgun? In terms of CQB using buckshot?

October 7, 2002, 09:22 PM
Depends on what you need it for.......

I did some patterning with my 870 Cyl bore 18" today...

Federal Tactical 2 3/4 00 Buck #LE132 00
7yards 6.5in spread
10yrds 8.5in spread
15yrds 12in spread
20yrds 8/9 pellets on IDPA target...

Remington Reduced Recoil 2 3/4 00 buck #RR12-00BK
7 yards 7.5in
10yrds 9in
15yrds 14in
20 yards 7/9 pellets on IDPA target...

The longest shot in my house is approx 10 yards so either works fine for me. All shotguns pattern differently.......If you require shots past 15yrds you will want to start looking at Imp Cyl or tighter chokes in my opinion.

As far as the mag tube........18"=6+1, 20"=7+1

October 7, 2002, 09:35 PM
Simple is better. Less is more. Software trumps hardware everytime.

I like short stocks, standard non-gamey mag tubes, a nice simple sling without metal clamps and rubbish to get tangled up in. I use ghostrings sights because of my bad, bad, evil, horrible habit of looking over the gun. I'm working on it; I just need someone to stand in back on me and hit me with a stick when I do it.:D

Not big on "choke tubes" as they become temporary modifications and are later found down range. Maybe if you cemented them in, but then why have tubes?

October 7, 2002, 10:23 PM
my 870 has the big-head safety button. an inexpensive option that IMO is an improvement on the standard.
I also like the wood stocks better than the synthetic.

October 8, 2002, 01:42 AM
There is a lot of common sense in the answers posted here, but I expect that they will mostly be ignored. People who don't know better and don't want to hear that will buy the useless junk anyway.

I remember a conversation with a retired deputy who was ordering an 870 from me. When I asked him if he wanted a 1 shot or 2 shot extension he replied, "Why the hell would I want that? If I can't settle my problem with 5 rounds, I sure won't need any more." Make sense to me, but what do I know?

Navy joe
October 8, 2002, 02:37 AM
18" length tube puts you at 6+1.

I put a sidesaddle on and a buttbag/cheekpad. The pad improves my weld, the bag holds extra ammo and weight. Extended tube came factory w/ good follower, wood stock working great/ looks nice. Factory barrel is imp cyl. Great choke for CQ and / or 3 gun games. Fiberoptic front is a must.

Rear sights: I don't want an apeture, I want an express rear that adjusts. Any ideas anyone? I just think the uber-tac ghost ring would be too hard to pick up on when swinging on movers.

Gun's capabilities: Will bust birds up to about 35-40yds. Birdshot knocks down plates or minipoppers reliably at 20 yds. I prefer #4 buck if allowed for dinging plates. Made a mess of 50 yd torso steel today while speed shooting with slugs. Did some speed combat loading w/ #4 buck, it was reliably dinging at 50yds too. I think that is a good max engagement range for buck. Broke plate off of stand w/ Brenneke slug, RO re-thought his ok for me to put slug on steel. 100 yds off-hand on the fiber-bead. 6-8" right( ok), 2 feet low. That's why I want an express rear, too much to hold over. 8-10" 8 shot group though.

No PG, no heat shield, no laser. Sidesaddle is a must for me, it's too damn handy for reloading fast. Playing gun games I put a butt-cuff on my weak(right) forearm to have 5 more handy for the tube. All reloads are done with strong hand, weak keeps gun mounted on shoulder. Chamber loading looks goofy as I pull the shell from the top of the sidesaddle and come over the top of the reciever, but it's pretty fast. I have beat quite a few folks shooting with 9rd tube auto-shuckers.

Dave McC
October 8, 2002, 05:30 AM
Choke is meaningless at HD ranges, Glock. The load hits as a semi solid mass.

I like mag extensions with a clamp that locks them to the bbl. Tightens slug groups well. These usually have at least one mounting hole for a sling stud, some have the stud.

A two round mag extension seems to add about the right amount of weight to cut kick and aid control for most folks, but this is quite subjective.

Amen,Dennis.Some of the best "Serious" shotgunners in the world use shotguns w/o extensions, bells, whistles,lazers,fuzzy dice or fenderskirts.

October 8, 2002, 10:51 AM
Sounds good to me, all I'll be doing is a side saddle ,the 2 shot extention, sling, and sites. Maybe one day down the road I'll get a light on it, but for now I have a nice Streamlight Ultrastinger, or even a scorpion to light up the way.

thanks for the good advice!

October 8, 2002, 04:04 PM
Glock Power - I have a 870HD and put Speed Well stocks on it. I also have replaced the spring which feed shells into the chamber with a Scattergun Technology (Wilson) one. Talk about positive feed, wow! The SpeedWell works just fine but in particular, the foregrip allows a more positive racking of shells and it is short like the LE version by Remington which completely leaves the loading ramp for the shells unobstructed. I also keep three rounds of Slug in the stock carrier. That stock carrier is the main reason I purchased the Speed Well. I kept the bead sight. I have no need for a magazine extension. Have a sling but never have used it.

Don't worry about burning yourself doing speed reloading when you are shooting the 870. You only do that once.

Bought all of the parts through Brownells.