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October 4, 2002, 04:35 PM
"Stressfire" courses are fun li'l outings that have the soldier run across a field, shooting from behind, around, and under obstacles in a variety of positions. One is scored on both number of hits and time taken to navigate the field. Several mag changes must also be accomplished.

The mag changes have been the hardest part of the courses for me, so far. One loses points (time penalty) if a mag is dropped, and it takes time and relatively fine motor skill under pressure to replace the empty mag in ones LCE or LBE mag pouch. One common suggestion from my company's sergeants is to drop the mags down one's shirt, which frankly, sucks.

Enter Pat with a great suggestion- the dump pouch. Instead of having to lift one's hands above the weapon to insert mag in shirt, fumble with a mag pouch, or drop valuable gear, a large bag below centerline is used to dump mag in, while keeping the operator's hands out of his aiming vantage. Great idea! I plan on using it the next stressfire I run.

Another worthwhile SWAT article.

Denny Hansen
October 4, 2002, 04:42 PM
Hope all's going well, John. We have several gear related articles from Pat scheduled. IMO they are all gems.

Thanks again for serving. We think of you often.