View Full Version : AEARO Co. & Peltor Tac-6 service

Jim V
October 3, 2002, 06:12 PM
Several years ago I purchased a set of Peltor Tactical-6 electronic ear muffs from Dillon's (http://www.dillonprecision.com) and really liked them. Last fall I put the muffs away after a long shooting week-end and proceded to forget where I put the muffs. This last spring, when I could not find the original set of T-6s, I ended up buying a new pair. About three weeks ago, while re-arranging some shooting gear, I found the T-6s in Dillon Blue and also discovered that the batteries in the left ear cup had leaked. Alas, that side did not work. After a web search, I found Aearo Co. (http://www.aearo.com) was a distributor of the Peltor line and they had a service department. I contacted them about the leaking battery problem and was told to send the hearing protectors in and they would give me an estimate for the repair costs.

The muffs went out last Tuesday and yesterday, Wednesday, I had an message from Aearo to call regarding the muffs. I called today and was told that the connections were cleaned, the head band was replaced as were the ear cup cushions and the hearing protectors worked just fine. When I asked wha it was going to cost me, I was told; "Nothing, but if you want to pay...."

When I got home from work and got on line, I had an email message from the service manager stating the same thing I had been told by the service tech and that the work was covered by the, at this point, long expired warantee.

Now, there are more expensive electronic hearing protectors than the T-6s and there are electronic muffs that have "better" features but I do not believe that there is a better company to deal with.

Thank you Aearo and peltor.