View Full Version : Are there any decent mini 30 mags out there?

N.Y.G MP Pvt
January 16, 2000, 08:50 AM
I wanted a mini 14. My buddy had a mini 30 he bought in highscholl and rarely shot. Needless to say I couldn't pass up the deal. I first purchaesd two USA 20rd mags. One is junk(follower doen't come close to lining up w/ the mag lips) the other is next to junk. I bought two Eagle 18rd mags. I haven't shot these yet but they appear very flimsy(I don't trust the mag spring setup they use. Am I destined to shoot this gun w/ only my factory 5rder?

January 17, 2000, 01:04 AM
NYG. I have a Mini-30 and the factory 5's work just fine. I have some Eagle's, and even though they look unusual(roller springs), they seem to function fine. I did loose the bottom cap on one of them. Aftermarket steel mags, usually USA just don't work worth a damn. I finally quit looking, bought a few extra factory 5's and called it good. If I want capacity, I go with the AR.

January 17, 2000, 04:32 AM
Try KY Imports,I think they have Factory Ruger 30rd mags for $31.99
www.kyimports.com (http://www.kyimports.com)


N.Y.G MP Pvt
January 17, 2000, 06:54 AM
I checked out the link and asked for a confirmation on availability. Has anyone every delt w/ this company before. I was under the impression the Ruger never made high caps for the mini 30...thanx I'll let you guys know how I make out.

January 17, 2000, 08:42 AM
It would be rare indeed if someone was selling FACTORY 30 rnd mags for less than $100.00 and have seen them lately going even higher. Probably the best high cap mags out there for the MINI is PMI and they do make a quality 30rnd mag for the MINI. You might try Costa Arms in NH and believe they have these. They work and have been told that PMI actually made/MFG the original mags for Ruger??