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January 14, 2000, 11:07 PM
The sheriff's dept took the rifle in to town for examination. The armourer was and is a good friend of mine and he had a .303SMLE just like the one in question. There were two others I purchased and we tested later, but this one was typical. We used the remainder of the supplied ammo and did our firing from behind the acrylic shield using a cord to fire the rifle. Again, the unusual noise, but we noted the bolt position after putting the weapon in battery. It was not completely closed! The fourth round produced the same results. Bolt blew back taking part of the sight with it!! The ammo surely had a major part in the whole incident, but in each case THE BOLT WAS NOT COMPLETELY FORWARD IN FULL BATTERY! Our side deflectors showed gas & powder residue on the surface. That's the story. When you set rules of operation....never circumvent them! My son is alive and still shoots his own rifles. in fact he's become an excellent shot with his shotgun shooting clays. Teach yourself and your children well. We got our second chance. we'll probably not get another. Good shooting. Wolf.

January 15, 2000, 03:59 PM
Pierre ,
See my reply to this very scary encounter via new thread.
Respectfully , WOLF