View Full Version : PA State IDPA match, Keystone Combat Classic!

September 29, 2002, 01:07 AM
To all, I just would like it to be known, that regardless of the slightly damp conditions that were experienced on 9-15/02, I think the SO's and match co-ordinators did a very nice job.

With SO's from at least three different clubs and the challenges that the Luzerne Cnty. Law Enf. people went through, I believe the co-operation was great. The Ontalaunee club stepped in and offered up their ranges for use as the site for the match. With the weather playing it's part to try and make life a little more interesting, every stage had some shelter from the rain. A few of us(well okay, maybe just me) found that our wet weather gear wasn't so water-proof. Additionally, I got to see that some people's shooting doesn't appear to be affected by a little rain(do NOT include me in that group!).

The only truly unfortunate part in all was the absentence of some of the top shooters, as they were competing in the World Shoot.

All in all, again, a great thumbs up to all involved in making the match come off in a positive way. Thanks, from at least one appreciative shooter!