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Paul Revere
January 11, 2000, 10:45 AM
Normally, when someone asks me to help them evaluate the price of a firearm I can help by referencing the Blue Book, Auction Arms, Gun Broker, Gun List, or Shotgun News. But it seems today that Blue Book prices do not apply to the so-called "assualt weapon" market. And I've found no comparable prices elsewhere.

I need help in determining the pricing on two items that are going to be sold from a private collection. The guy selling them believes he knows what the items are worth and I've indicated his prices accordingly. However, it will help immensely to confirm that his intended prices are either too high (and by just how much), or too low (and by just how much). Here they are. Both are pre-ban original factory Colt new in their original boxes (NIB), unfired.

* Colt AR-15 Model 6430 (pre-ban), Match Target Lightweight in 9mm. Comes with both fixed and collapsible stocks, 4 Colt factory hi-caps, flash hider w/o lug, blue label box. He says he wants $1,550.

* Colt AR-15 Model 6600DH (pre-ban), Match Delta H-Bar (Elite) in .223. Comes with everything from the factory in it's own aluminum case (and green label box), including 3X9 rubber armored scope, mount, 2 slings, flash hider w/lug, manual, etc. He says he wants $2,100 for this one.

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January 11, 2000, 11:36 AM
For what it's worth, there were a bunch of AR's at the Rochester, NY gunshow last weekend (which is unusual). Prices here are still high (too high, I think). The closest I saw to what you describe were:

Colt Pre-ban 9mm (not sure of the number). Collapsible stock only (2 position). 90% condition outside, not sure inside (wire ties prevented takedown). No mags (go figure). $1500 "negotiable" from a dealer. His price sounds at least reasonable since I've seen used ones for $1300 to $1500 over the last year, and mags are bringing $35 to $60 (they're a lot more scarce than the 5.56 mags). (I've been looking to get a 9mm as a companion to my 5.56mm flat top.)

Several Colt and other pre-ban 5.56mm rifles, most pretty well used, all bare rifles. Non were under $1100. None of the Colts were under $1400. The trick here is going to be finding someone who wants to pay for all the other Colt goodies. If I had to guess, I'd say that prices on these have stretched about as far as the rubber band will go without breaking, since post bans are available for $900 and less. My son passed up a nice Colt 20" pre-ban for $1200 a few months ago. The supply (at least locally) seems to be opening up somewhat.

Hope this helps.

Bob Couture

January 11, 2000, 12:50 PM
those prices sound right
kinda expensive for a 300 dollar gun, huh?

been here? http://www.gunsamerica.com/showguns.cgi?guncat=1270

Preban Colt 6530 16" Barrel,A2 Sights,Telestock 97% 2-30rd G.I. Mags. Cal Legal.

Colt Tactical Elite
Tactical Elite Match Target AR-15. #209 out of only 250 made with the scope. Less than 1000 made including the 250 with scopes.
Retail price has risen about $1000 in the last six months because it is such a limited edition. Very nice, great condition, exellent shooting!


"walk softly and carry a big stick, one that goes bang in .308 is fine"

January 11, 2000, 09:36 PM
Last week I saw someone pay $3000.00 (yup three thousand American dollars) for a pristine NIB Delta with all of the factory goodies. These guns may drop a little for a short time, but the way the gov't is going after them the price will eventually go back up. What if Algore (God forbid) wins? The thought honestly scares me.

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