View Full Version : AR-15 MUZZLE BRAKES WHICH ONE ?

January 10, 2000, 04:17 PM
Any recommendations for post-ban muzzle brakes for AR's now that the A-2 birdcage flash hider is illegal? From a ballistics standpoint does it matter? Are they all the same? Are they all worthless? How do they effect accuracy?

January 10, 2000, 05:10 PM
go to www.AR15.com (http://www.AR15.com) for a lot of info - search on muzzlebreaks/compensators/etc

January 10, 2000, 05:36 PM
It is a shame that practically every post on the Firing Line Forums that refer to AR's gets the reply "go to ar15.com" I have seen great replys from many knowledgable gun enthusiasts on this forum, that is why this question is posted here and not on ar15.com.
This forum tends to have a wider point of view than ar15.com. I think that anyone who has an AR or an interest in them and has access to the web knows of AR15.com.

January 10, 2000, 06:10 PM
From a purely performance standpoint, the JP comp is the most effective comp available. It's ugly, looks like it belongs on a field artillery piece, but after watching how a friends rifle just flat did not move at a 3gun match, I put one on my 20" Colt. I've got a JetComp on my 16" Bushmaster that works almost as well, and looks like it belongs on a rifle instead of a tank. I think that it would be difficult to make a compensator that didn't work on an AR. As far as accuracy goes, the JP comp changed the point of impact but didn't affect group size, this was also the case on a friends rifle.

January 10, 2000, 06:52 PM
JP now has a harmonic stabilizer & compensator...:
NEW!! JP Harmonic Stabilizer: allows you to tune the harmonics of your barrel for pea
accuracy. Available with our recoil eliminator or as just the stabilizer with a thread adapter
for use o pre-ban 1/2x28 threaded AR-15 standard contour barrels. This technology has
been well proven on sporting type rifles in recent years:

JPRE-HT $ 124.95
JPHT $ 49.95 http://jpar15.com/recoil.htm

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