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September 26, 2002, 04:47 PM
As soon as I sell my Rem PSS I am buying an O/U shotgun. Of interest are Beretta, Ruger, SKB, Huglu. I am a lefty. I know Huglu's come in LH versions but I haven't noticed on any other websites if the other O/U makers have LH versions. I know there is an issue with "cast" but if I've been shooting RH guns my entire life and have never noticed this, what's the difference? Is "cast" really that much of an issue or is it more prevalent in certain types of long guns?

What other differences would there be with a LH O/U?

All I know is if I go with a LH Huglu it will be 3 months as opposed to a couple of weeks for the RH version. Patience is not a strong point for me when it comes to new toys.

Thanks for any help on this.

Dave McC
September 26, 2002, 05:48 PM
Cast is a way of saying how much, if any, the stock is offset to allow the eye to be right in line with the bbls.

The Brits and Continentals love cast, and oft these stocks are offset 1/8- 1/3" to then right for RH, and to the left for a LH shooter. Shooting a LH stock RH or vise versa means ones eye is way off a true line with the bores and the recoil comes off the center of the shotgun, thus feeling harder since it's not coming straight back.

So why don't more American stocks come with cast?

Because we tend to just lay our heads on the stock a bit to the strong side, thus lining up the eye nicely. This accomplishes the same result, and doesn't make the stock awkward for those of opposite strong side.

One thing, cast at just the toe of the stock does help fit the butt into the various curves, hollows and bulges of the "Cup",the place where we set the butt. This is why all those trapshooters use the Morgan and other adjustable pads twisted off plane.

How the stock fits is crucial, but cast at toe is not the most important part. If a shotgun was otherwise acceptable, I'd learn to live with zero cast at tow, the same way I've learned to live with cast at comb.

If t'were me, I'd pick the shotgun on other factors, and then get the stock fitting me well.