View Full Version : What is the most accurate calibre at 100 yds?

January 9, 2000, 03:35 PM
I would only like to know what calibre has the most innate accuracy. That one magic calibre that is more accurate than all others when fired from any rifle -- what is it? (yes, I know I am dreaming!) Let me put it this way: what calibre would you recommend for target (non-competeive) shooting at 100 yds? Thanks!!


Robert the41MagFan
January 9, 2000, 04:04 PM
The absolute best target cartridge is 6mm PPC (also the most expensive). For everyday target shooting, the 223. It is accurate enough and very inexpensive to shoot. That translates into lots of time at the range.


Gale McMillan
January 9, 2000, 05:40 PM
The smallest group at 100 yds ever fired in competition and holds a world record for 20 years is held by a 222. The group is .009 center to center.. If you are ever in Phoenix drop by as we have the target and rifle on display in the shop.

January 9, 2000, 07:36 PM
There's been a lot of experimenting done by benchrest shooters using short-bodied cases, like the PPC's. Several 'smiths and shooters have even shortened the PPC case by .1" or more to come up with a shorter powder column. This carries over into hunter benchrest, where one of the most popular cartridges is a shortened .308 Win. This trend is all the rage, as evidenced by many 1000yd. shooters going to the .284 Win. case necked down to 6.5mm. This idea is well proven, just go to a benchrest match and see how many of the top shooters are using PPC's or variations of it. This makes Gale's .222 group all the more rare and special. Must have been one fine shooter, rifle, bullets, cases, and the conditions must have been very good the day it was shot.